Monday, February 18, 2008


Yeah, so meanwhile all the construction and fun, this little man is growing, and so is my belly! I swear I popped out so much sooner with this little one than the first... I feel so big! Look at the comparison between 16 and 20 weeks, hello tummy!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

In my defense...

Okay, so yeah, I'm sure lots of you have been sooooo bored with our non-changing blog! SORRY! But I do have to give a little explanation... So, over Christmas break, James and I were looking for houses. We thought it would be nice to get into something before the new arrival... So we house hunted, (it can be fun, but can be oh-so-not-fun), and we found a lot of great deals...mostly in Sandy and Bountiful... but we didn't feel good about any of them. Weird. So, we decided we should stay here in the village til James graduates (in December), and as we were just getting used to that idea, my mom called and asked about her house again. Her house has been for sale for quite a while, and she wanted to offer it to us one last time (kind of a long story short), we went down and felt good about it this time, and decided we wanted to remodel it before we move in... So it began.

So, in my defense, we have been a little on the extremely busy side lately. Any spare time we have, which is very sparse (even when we're home with Kaylie, her naps have been lacking lately), we are spending working on the house in some way or another... I feel like I have been on the phone non stop, even at work when I have any breaks. I have also been running around meeting people for bids, getting paint samples, new bedding for the kids, random things at home depot, food runs for the crews, and etc, etc, etc! I even spent one lunch break meeting the cabinet guy and then rushing back in time for my patient. James has entitled me "The Administrator." Which is nice, because it means I get to make all the color and furniture decisions... he he he! (But actually, I am the most indecisive person in the world!)

Also, in my defense, our internet has been on the fritz lately, I'm surprised it's stayed up and running for this entire novel! Thanks to all those who took the time to actually get to this point, and read the whole thing!!! :)

P.S. Pictures of the project to come!!!

Here they are!!! ENJOY!

This is what used to be the bathroom, now rubble...

My lil bro Bryan, and his twin Tanner
What is it about boys and demolition? When they asked if I wanted them to take out all the wood slabs, I said yes, hesitantly, feeling bad about giving them more work, but they were so stoked!!! "Yeah!" (direct quote)!

Yeah, demo is our favorite word...there used to be a wall there, now just exposed wires, oops, hope that doesn't do any permanent damage babe! (j/k, he really didn't get shocked there, that was later, on another outlet...)

Yeah, so our other favorite word now is "VINTAGE" it's like PeeWee's word of the day, you all have to wait for it, and scream when someone says it! I think everything we ripped up or out left us with 'vintage' things hiding underneath!!!