Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm a soccer mom!

This is Kaylie posing for her picture. At least I can always count on her to make a situation look great, because she is so photogenic... but here's what really happened...

Here she is as goalie. Don't worry, the other team had no problem hitting it in, because most of the time, she was actually turned around, talking to Porter and his mom on the sidelines. :)And the above picture is actually a great shot, because this is really what happened most of the times we went to soccer. Yeah, I think my mom hit it on the button when she laughed at me for enrolling her in soccer and saying "she's too little!" Right-o mom, (how many times in my life have I said that!)
Maybe next year Kaylie sorry to torture you every Monday and Wednesday night for 6 weeks...Maybe the soccer gene isn't in this one...(both of my brothers!)