Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter (2 weeks later)

Kaylie was SSOOOOO excited that she got nail polish from the Easter bunny. Joshy was just lovin the eggs and grass so much he decided to eat them... :")Here are Kaylie and Josh sportin their cool new sunglasses from the Easter bunny:Easter Morning is sooo fun. We sure like that good ole Easter bunny!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kaylie and Josh in their Easter outfits... I actually had a purple dress on too, she we all kinda coordinated...(yeah, I'm cheesy like that...)
Isn't he so cute in his slightly femmy Easter bib!!!
(blame Grandma Kercher for that one!!!)
Easter Egg Hunt with cousins! These are the "3 Musketeers" they are always wearing similar outfits, and almost always PINK...if you can't see that already...this is a common occurance! :)
Kaylie didn't get near as many eggs as some of the other kids...but those were even too many...I don't need my 2 year old eating tons of candy...hello, she's hyper enough without sugar!
Kaylie was so nice to share one of her eggs with Josh! She is such a great sister. And of course, Joshy just loved it so much, he ate it!
Okay, and this random picture I realized was left out of the random fun post. And I just couldn't not post it. So, Liz and I are hangin at McD's, Kaylie and Jackson are playing for forever, being so good, next thing I know, Liz is cracking up...BIG I turn around, and there is my daughter, buck naked, just sliding down the slide...Yep!!!!!!! HELLO KAYLIE!!! Seriously. And not wanting to risk of getting arrested, I didn't take a picture of that perfect shot, but threw a blanket on her, and here it is. Memory frozen in time people! I'm mad I didn't take my camera with me when I had to climb up in the tubes to rescue her clothes and diaper, that would've been a great pic! Oh well, you can picture, her shirt, pants, and diaper, neatly laid out in the very most top tube of the playplace of course. Ha! The funny part of this too, is Jackson came down the slide right behind her, fully clothed. Not what you would think, right, we kept waiting for him to come down naked too. Nope. Good kid. When I asked Kaylie what she was doing she said "I was gonna take a shower with Jackson." (In her defense...we had all just gone swimming, and they had showered together, but with swimsuits on...) AnYwAy, fun story huh!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I cannot believe it!

Yep, there I am. Finished the 1/2 marathon last Saturday. Got a new camera though, and need to install a program to upload pics, haven't done it this is stolen off the marathon foto website...hence the fantastic quality!
It was actually super hard. I trained to 9.5 miles, and I hit a serious wall at about mile 11ish, just after Liberty park, actually just after this picture... I felt like I was run walking, ya know, where you're really walking, but pretending you're running! And my Ipod only worked for about 5 minutes of the whole race...didn't have it when I really needed it...super frustrating, and it is in serious trouble right now...perma time out for the shuffle...HA! But my ankles and knees held up pretty well, which I was super stoked about, although they were slightly sore most of the race... I finished it way faster than I thought I would, I guess I'm a little more competitive than I thought, though my time really isn't brag worthy. But it was good for me, and I DID IT! Couldn't really walk after, but I did finish, and that is pretty awesome for little ole me! Now on to training for the triathlon in May... then I think no more races for a while! :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

RaNdoM fUn :)

This is a post of randomness. Better ones to follow, I promise. My new goal is going to be once a week, so there aren't anymore marathon posts. Cause after today, I don't like marathons. He he he. Yup, ran the half today. Don't think I'll ever do a full, the half was hard enough!!! Pics to come of that SUPER fun race! Ha!
This first pic I just had to take, it seems random, like lots of these pics, it is of when one day, I was feeding Josh, and Kaylie was in the kitchen, not unusual, I heard the silverware, also, not unusual, she gets to run rampant while I nurse...and then I just clean it up when I'm done... But to my surprise, I came out, and NO mess, actually, she had finished putting all the silverware away out of the dishwasher. Not kiddin. What a sweetheart, huh!!!!!! (and so well trained, huh!) No, I didn't train her to do this, she does help me sometimes to empty the dishwasher, but this was monumental, not making messes, no, cleaning!!! I couldn't stop hugging and kissing her, oh, she is such a great little girl!!!
Dying Easter Eggs, enough said: Lil J's mouth was totally blue after... he he he!
Just one day at Gateway, in one of the classes "Little Scientist: Bubbles" It was freakin awesome and the kids all had so much fun, I even enjoyed the experiments with baking soda and vinegar, and coke and mentos...try those at home!
Me, loving strawberry season: freezer jam, strawberry shortcake, and of course, chocolate covered...and it's only begun! Wahoo!Bowling with the Young Women and Young Men in the ward. Kaylie and Rachel, I think they both bowled better scores than me!!!! Ha! Please don't miss their fun shoes, that really made my day that they had small enough ones for the K bear!
One day at Jungle Jims, it was actually quite the party, but I don't have pics of all the friends that were there... Kaylie and Jackson rode this rollercoaster I think 4 times in a row. She's gonna be a blast at Lagoon this year, can't wait!!!
Cause I'm a fun mom, and they play so well together...Oh, how did I get to be such a lucky mom? I can't get enough of these kiddos...these pics really show their fun personalities...