Sunday, December 27, 2009

Better late than never, right!

I wimped out and just did Costco this year...actually b/c I got a great deal there, but I really was kinda sad I didn't design my own again...but I do LOVE that cute little snowman!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

20 Collages...

Get ready, get set, Go! Props to whoever can get through the last 3 months of pics!!! Whew...see, we're so busy, it's hard to find time to write about all that we're doing!!! Enjoy, or not, but either way, I got it done, and I'm so stoked about it!
After the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert. James' cousin's wife had extra tickets, and we all had a blast! Not pictured: James' 95 yr. old grandma that was with us before, but went home with someone else. We had to walk soooo far from our car to the Conference center, I think we were like 6 levels underground...once we got into the parking garage, they just kept directing us down, down, down...and we even had to take 2 seperate was bizarre. Meanwhile, grandma is keeping up with all of us like a champ. The only time she seemed to waiver was when we hit a huge stairwell at the end, but she totally got up the courage and climbed all the way up...I could not believe her! We ended up sitting on the front row for the concert, and it was was Grandma! Thanks Sonja!!!Rudolph Kaylie. Preschool is so fun!
LAST day of dance. Shed a tear. Can't afford it next semester, and really, life is a little too busy, so I won't miss it, but I know Kaylie will...
Goodbye to my Aunt Karen. Her funeral was last Sunday. It was so bittersweet to see her kids. We don't get to see them very often, so we loved being with them, but it was a rollercoaster of emotions hanging out with them and going through all of her stuff. We got to go see our Uncle as "Clarence" in "It's a wonderful life" the night before the funeral...and went to The Pie after, which was sooo much fun, and gave us a break from thinking about everything.
I will always remember my Aunt's fun, bouncy attitude, and forever be thankful for all the years she let me use her pool for my birthday parties. The smell of original Trident gum will forever remind me of her, and I do buy it often! I was amazed at all the stories of quiet service, and how quick she was to help behind the scenes. I know I will see her again. And I know for sure that she and my dad are having a blast watching all of us until then... :)
Zoo lights. I had no idea how amazing they are! They are soo cool! And there are sooo many!!! I wish it hadn't been so stinkin cold, we would have walked around a lot longer! I loved how bundled my kiddos were, don't we all look like marshmellows! He he he! I highly recommend everyone go see the lights!
Thanksgiving Day...obviously, we had fun. I LOVE food. And this year we started a new tradition, that I'm actually not sure we'll continue, but let's pretend we will. Each family got to decorate their own gingerbread house. I came up with the icicle idea, and it was cute on mine, but then my bro, who is a great ar-tiste, took it to a whole new level, I didn't put the pic of his on, cause I didn't want to embarrass mine! Ha! Kaylie loved it, she was so into it (um, not...all she did was eat the frosting the WHOLE time James and I were trying to put it together). But it was fun, despite all the trickiness of it! And boy, with all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now, we were extra thankful this year for our warm home, comfy beds, and both of our jobs (even though I would rather not work), b/c we are truly lucky people, and so grateful to have each other, and ALL our friends and family that we LOVE so much!!! Happy Thanksgiving...Kangaroo Zoo 11 25 09: Just another fun day of play with Jaxon, John, Dan, Peyton, Kaylie, Josh, and now little Joseph too!
Yes. Yes. Yes. New Moon with the girls. It was sooooo much fun. And actually, it wasn't even the movie that made it so fun, although Jacob did help that movie fly right by...he he he! It was soo much fun to be with these girlies. We had a blast talking and catching up before and then after for like 2 hrs! Love you ladies!James got a night out on the town too, with his "favorite daughter" at Princesses on Ice. They had sooo much fun too! James was laughing at Kaylie's reactions, she was either GLUED to the show, or so ecstatic she couldn't contain herself. Needless to say, I think they'll probably go again next year! (Side note: I used to go to Disney on Ice with my daddy too!!!)
Another fun day of dance. This day though, Kaylie had twinner outfits with her friend Naomi, on accident of course! It was like this amazing bond came with wearing purple skirts and black leotards that day! It was cute to watch!!!
WOOT WOOT! Everyone, Joshua James is officially walking now...and isn't he so stinkin cute doing it!!! I love watching him walk around, and I really think he gets a kick out of the fact he can do it too!
We went to the zoo one day, and liked it so much, we went back the next day for a playdate! It was perfect weather, and I've never seen all the animals so we got to see all the babies, the baby monkey, giraffe, and elephant were ADORABLE!
Halloween 09:
At the childrens' museum...with the Kercher cousins.
At preschool...they even put on a little program with Halloween songs and a parade. Kaylie got a prize for selling the 3rd most cookies for the fundraiser...she was kinda shy about it! Then all the kiddos got their very own pumpkin out of Ms. Wendy's pumpkin patch!
At the Evans: Grandma Evans is a witch every year and always makes a killer "brew." James really likes the "Stirring the Brew" song...can't you tell! And yep, that rockin, sick looking eyeball was a cake, made by me...gross huh! It actually was quite good, with strawberry sauce all over it, acting as the blood...he he he!
This is actually the only time James and I put on our full costumes. We really like themed costumes, so Kaylie was a lion, Josh a tiger, and James was a hunter... I naturally, was an Animal rights activist, to protect my little ones of course! Ha!
Actually on Halloween, trick-or-treating/hangin with the Steadmans :)VEGAS BABY!!!!!! I got to tag along with James on his business trip to Vegas. It was 3 days and 3 nights, and it flew by! It's the longest time we've ever left our kiddos. The only time we've left Joshy. And the only other time we've gone anywhere overnight was 1 night, and we picked Kaylie up at like 10am the next day!
So yeah, it felt a little weird, but also a little liberating! I slept in til 11am one day! Woot woot! But I did spend a lot of time one day at the pool on the phone b/c Josh and Kaylie both got sick while we were gone...had to do some rearranging with babysitters...
We had a blast being together just us...we also had lots of fun seeing our buddies Cory and Jess! It was super tricky to get babysitters, so I don't know that we'll do it again any time soon, but it sure was fun while it lasted!
Before we left for Vegas, we took the kids to make bears...we recorded our voices on each one, so they could press their hands while we were gone, and they each say "Kaylie/Josh, mommy/daddy, loves you!" They're pretty cool little bears, and they love them!
Family Pics. Our cute friends just took these for us one night, so we wouldn't have to pay someone else booku bucks...Thanks Andy and Julie!!! They turned out great! And I know, I know, I'm a bad mom for having a barefoot baby, but I just love his little feet, I think they're adorable, and amazingly tan, so I like to show em off! :)
Playin in the leaves: I just love looking down our street at all the huge trees, and all their many colors! I think some of my favorite pictures of Kaylie in her life have been of her playing in leaves, she just LOVES me!Family fun night. We sure like frozen yogurt and smoothies in our family...can you tell?