Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy 25th to Tiff, 2 months to Josh

So, to preface, I am a little embarrassed...1, to post the pics from my bday, because they are not very flattering, and b, because I have lots of pics of Josh, because I haven't posted any for a while, and I am a fanatic picture taker... But you are my friends, so here goes...

James took me to Ruby River! YUM! There is nothing like eating gooooood steak, and the place knows how to cook em right! There is also nothing more cute than my sweet husband surprising me with ice cream...he made it seem like they weren't gonna do anything for my birthday...but they did, and he was so sweet and innocent looking when they brought the awesome dessert out to me... He is such a sweetheart, and I love the times when I get to be with JUST him, and stare at his handsome face, and remember just how much I love him, and being with him, and how lucky I am...I'm sure I was glowing, not just cause I got ice cream, but because of who I got to share it with!!! (Sorry about the cheese, I just love the man!)

And on to the Josh man, he turned 2 months, 2 days before my birthday! Wahoo, he's getting big now!!! Jess asked me today if he was smiling be the judge, I just can't get enough of this little man too!!!

Kaylie is loving her brother to pieces! Sorry about the blurriness, I just love this pic!!! She always loves to sit or lay by him, and I do too!!! She's actually turning into a great helper!
Funny story: Kaylie, Josh, and I are driving home from the park. Josh is asleep. Kaylie says to me "mommy, baby brother is sad." I say "no sweetie, he's sleeping, I don't hear him. He's okay." She repeats herself. I repeat myself. This happens every couple minutes for a few streets. Then, frustrated with her ignorant mother, she says "mom, Josh's head is broken!" So I look back, throw the carseat top off, and sure enough, his head looks broken, well, his neck anyway, was completely slumped over, and he was actually starting to fuss at this point! So I stopped the car, fixed his head, and thanked my sweet little helper... Josh's head will forever be grateful! Ha~!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kercher Family Trip

Here are a few pics from our family trip in Park City this last weekend. Kaylie loves playing in the water and with her cousins. It was rainy off an on, and it seemed to get really sunny right when we had to go inside for all the kiddo's nap times... but we managed to still have some fun here and there, and don't worry, I got plenty of shopping done at the outlets which were conveniently right down the street...he he he!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Something new...

So, I LOVE digital scrapbooking... but I am now finding myself falling into the same rut that I did with paper... I do the same layouts all the time, and I always use the same colors... so I got this template from a website and thought I'd give it a try...I still don't know if I love it, I can't help but choose bright colors for summer stuff...what do ya think...too much brightness???

Just a little fun in the sun...our poor backyard could use the extra water, eh!