Friday, July 25, 2008

For real, it's been a month?!

So I know I'm a week overdue, but these are pics of the little man at 1 month old!!!!! Ha, I cannot believe a whole month has already gone by! Let me tell you though, he has been a little angel! I just love my little Joshy! He is already sleeping 4-6 hours at night, and last night, he slept like 7 1/2! Yeah! He is a sweet little guy, and he is oh, so patient...there are lots of times when he gets laid down so I can either prevent or clean up a disaster, or wait his turn, cause Kaylie needs something too... He also is a great eater, he gained almost a pound between his 1 and 2 weeks appts! He is growing so fast, and I just love to hold him and pretend he's gonna be little forever!"Hi everybody!"

Look at how different he looked at 1 week!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Getting Out!!!

Well, Right-o to all of you who thought little Josh was on the right! :) I guess I wasn't as tricky as I thought...James thought the blankets gave it away, but I actually have the same polka dot blanket in pink...and blue...I should've taken pics of Josh in it for the post!

I've had a hard time trying to balance everything the last few weeks, and blogging has been put to the bottom of the priority list...sorry...but what can ya do?

We have had some fun though, things are looking up, I'm feeling really awesome and it's always so fun to get out of the house...So this last weekend we did just that!
Friday we went to Gateway to play around in the water, Kaylie was a little hesitant, but she was up for it if mom and dad got wet too!

Then we hiked up Ensign, I am out of shape! It was really fun, and gave me hope that we really can keep hiking, even with 2 kids!
Saturday we played in the backyard with the sprinkler! Christian came over and played in the kid pool too! Yeah for cousins and yeah for summer!

July 4th (and 5th)

So we had a pretty chill 4th this year... We went to the Stratford parade in Colleen and Joel's neighborhood, then hung out at the after party with snow cones (always a must for this family...if you can't tell from our previous posts...we LOVE our snow cones...he he he), and popcorn and cotton candy. Little Josh slept through the whole thing, then woke up ready to eat right when we were ready to go, so we fed him at Colleen's, then she fed us a fun BBQ lunch! Thanks Coke and Joel, it was a fun day! Kaylie felt pretty yucky that night, so we watched the fireworks from our window, we could kinda see the Sugarhouse park ones, through a really big tree...

The 5th was lots of fun too, so we consider it a 2 day holiday. We went up to James' family condo in Park City. I sat by the pool, Kaylie played with all her cousins, got pretty good with a squirt gun..., and Josh of course, slept through all the fun, and woke up ready to eat right before we went inside. Then to end the day, we sat 28 people at the Main St. Pasta and Pizza, it was good food, and who doesn't like a whole lotta chaos with your dinner??? :) No, it really was fun! :)

We really are so grateful to live in this awesome country, sure we have our issues... But how wonderful it is to have the freedoms we all enjoy and take for granted. I know this country was founded by god fearing men, and it was inspired so we can worship freely and have joy.