Sunday, May 23, 2010

May days

Woah. Only one more week of May... Here's what we've done with our sporatically warm May days:

Woot, woot! L3 Spring Fling Champs!!! That's right, that's my man! I couldn't believe they actually won! Out of 60 teams of 4 players...#1! :)
Race for the Cure 2010:
I think that may be the last time I run this race is just getting way too crazy...too many people, and not enough organization. Maybe next year we can "sleep in for the cure." Even though this used to be my favorite race... :(
But on a brighter note, I never thought I'd see the day when James and I would run a race together, and we did! It was really fun having him experience all the joys of races, getting up early, waiting around, and fighting to get through the crowd at the beginning...followed of course by the endorphins, and free food and water! :)
How my kids fight now:
Kaylie did this (see right cheek below, nice little tattoo of teeth, you will notice how both maxillary and mandibular are both represented well...)
Because he did this (see right arm, again, both arches well seen...)
At the point when these both happened, both kids were crying and so I saw no need to discipline either one, so other than telling them both no, all I could do was hold them both, and hope they taught each other a very valuable lesson. But, to my dismay, they both still try to bite, but not nearly as much, I think...
Womens' Conference at BYU. This is the first time I have ever gone. I met up with James' mom and sisters. It actually pained me to write a check to the Y, but it was worth it, the classes were amazing!!! (Side note, this is the family I joined...can we say intimidating!?! They look this fabulous ALL of the time!!!)
James' sister Maureen was in town, (for Womens Conference), so we went to Red Iguana for dinner, but seeing as both locations had an hour wait, we headed over to Blue Iguana, who had no wait. And we discovered this, the below pictured "Burrito Grande." If you finish it, you get free desert. The picture doesn't even do it was the size of a newborn child! Here's the proud, full-stomached man I love. Yup, he finished it, and ate the whole dessert too! "Now you know how big my stomach is babe." to which I say "You must constantly be in a state of starvation then!"
Mothers' Day Program at Preschool. Look at my sweet little flower! Love her!
My "forever flower." I really will try to keep it forever!
Emily's Shower!!!!!!!! Yay yay yay! I'm so stoked for her! (and Mike!) It is so fun to see such good friends! I'm not the best at keeping in touch, but I love how when we get together, it's like no time has passed at all (and Em even said the same thing...)!
K, Awesome little side story from the shower: Emily's nephew, Andrew, was at the shower (it was held at his house...), he is 2 1/2. He was fascinated with all the cool toys for the baby, and would make this funny little laugh as he examined them all (huh, huh was kinda what it sounded like, with a lot of enthusiasm of course), and then he noticed Kaylie, (who I let come with me that night, for a little girl bonding time)...Well, she was sitting on my lap. Once he noticed her there, he came and brought her his little toy car. Followed by the guy that goes in the car. Followed by the box of chocolates (party favors). Followed by all of the baby's presents. And as he brought each, it was followed by the huh huh laugh. This ended for a moment, he got somehow distracted after bringing her like 10 gifts. Then as he was coming up the stairs, he saw her again, and insisted on holding her hand. When she finally agreed, he huh huh'ed, and led her down the hallway to his parent's room! Ha! We are all dying laughing at this point. His mom follows them in, ya know, to chaperone! Then a few mins later comes out and tells me I have to come see them, they are playing on his parent's bed! Ha!!! I love it! So, I have apparently had my camera on a weird setting, so this is blurry too, but I had to post it:Sadly though, the night did not end as well as it had been going. Andrew was chasing Kaylie, and she caught the corner of the counter in the kitchen. OUCH! She was such a trooper. Her very first shiner, caused by her very first boyfriend! Ha!
Swimming Lessons Round 1 came to an end, sadly. It was soooo much fun! One day we actually let the little guys in on the shower fun...their diapers got so huge, it was hilarious!
James had gotten off early for the Preschool program, so he got to chill with us at Swim Lessons for a day, the kids LOVED having him there to play on the rock wall, and foam pads!I know, this is super blurry, but their faces were perfect...
Kaylie on the last day with her ROCKIN teachers, JJ and Lauren. The first day of lessons, Lauren just held her and walked around the pool with her, and by the end of that first day she was kicking on the side of the pool with the rest of the class! She LOVED swim lessons, thanks to these two super cute girls!!! And I am proud to report, she is ready for Level 2! Yay!
And the randomness continues at our house:
Blanket fun takes place daily!
Why eat at the table...when you could eat under it?
Kaylie's plant head:
Painting in Pajamas:Who doesn't feed their kids whipped cream once in a while?
Fun on the couch. Isn't that what all families do in their living room?Yay for May, hope ya'll are enjoying it as much as we are!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fun little tidbit:

So, just recently Kaylie was sitting at the dinner table, I was in the kitchen and I heard her say: "E A Sports, it's in the game." What? And so I prompted it again, I say "EA Sports." She says "It's in the game." Yup, someone has been watching someone's daddy play a little too many video games! Ha!
Then I remembered a long time ago about how she used to say "Bia bia." Not sure how to spell that, and I actually never heard the song that it came from, but once again, someone was influenced by her daddy listening to something a little too much!
We learned early that this little gal is a sponge, she soaks up everything she hears, so we have to be sooooo careful, and it doesn't surprise me one bit when she says things to me that sound a LOT like myself talking to her... he he he!