Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big boy!!!

Lilypie 1st Birthday TickerA whole year ago! So tiny!!!

Yeppers! The big 1!!! I am so excited for him. You can already tell he feels different! Oh my little man, I love you too much for words. He is our little miracle baby, and I thank my Heavenly Father for getting him here to us safely. I can't believe that the doctors told me he was "just a piece of blood" Nope. Not my Joshy, he knew he was supposed to be in our family, right now.

He has really been such a SUPER fun addition to our little family. He is sweet, cuddly, funny, laughs a lot, smiles all of the time, loves books, just like his sis, LOVES his mommy, and daddy too..., crawls by moving only his hips, sooo fun to watch, still a little lactose intolerant, but getting better, signs "all done" but only for mommy!, will only eat oatmeal if it has bananas in it, likes big people food, is getting his two top incisors (two middle teeth), and already grinds them against his bottom teeth, has tan lines from his chub rolls, is wearing 12-18 month clothes, they are just barely too long, is already pulling himself up on everything, and is trying to master stairs too!

Oh my little man, you are too fun, which is obviously why this year has flown by sooo fast! Thanks for being such a great baby, we love you too much!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Lilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker
06/01/06: Three whole years ago!
at age 1:
Age 2: Just before her bro was born...
Just the other day:
I cannot believe my little baby is not really a baby anymore...I know, I know, it sounds cliche, but seriously...THREE!
Wow, what a fun little girl she is.
She is spunky, funny, sweet, a great helper for her mommy and brother, super smart, loves friends and family "cousins" (all friends and family her age), loves to learn, can identify A, B, C, D, K, O, S, and L sometimes, sings all the time, is a FABULOUS dancer, and dances ANYTIME there is music...or not, likes dolls, but loves tools, loves books, would read all day if someone would sit with her, is a thrill seeker, loves to go as high as possible on the swing, loves rollercoasters, still lets me brush her teeth, won't go to sleep unless mommy lays by her, loves hugs and "soft kisses," still likes to be rocked, is super tough, rarely wants a bandaid, is almost potty trained completely, loves Dora, Mickey, princesses and dress ups, and to my dismay, likes Spongebob (weird show!), favorite color changes pink, yesterday for her cake, it was green, loves to draw and paint for real and on the computer, loves pancakes and french toast, is a great eater, will try almost anything once, even asparagas!, will still only eat eggs if fed to her by either grandma, likes to be a big girl, but likes to still be "baby Kaylie" every once in a while, can run super fast, loves Kangaroo Zoo, Gateway Discovery, Classic, etc...loves to bounce and play, is sweet...takes care of her mommy when she's sad, and tries to help Joshy when he's sad, loves wind on her face, rolls her own window up and down in the car, can buckle her own carseat, and is a great pretend cook, gosh there are lots more, but that's a pretty good picture of my little K-bug...
Gosh, we love her! Happy Birthday sweetie!