Wednesday, November 19, 2008

5 Months!

WOAH! Where does time go? Seriously, this little man is sooo big already, I just took a picture of him in his crib, and I was trying to model it after one I took of mini Kaylie, and then I realized, the picture I was trying to model it after was of Kaylie at 3 months old, oh wait, Josh is already 5 months! Ha! I cannot believe how old he is, and how much bigger he is than my teensy little Kaylie was! How fun are baby rolls...I had no idea til now! Thanks big man for being mine for 5 whole months now! Love you!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

BLACKOUT 11.7.08

This is our new favorite picture.
It was so freezing, but it was SUCH a blast! I always love date nights where it's just James and me, but this was especially fun!!!! If you didn't see this game, or missed all the major publicity and highlights, you better look it up...
James has never been to a game when the fans rushed the field...(I have, and I thought it was hilarious that they now make the goal posts able to fold down so the fans don't rip them out and pass them up the crowd (like was done at the Y game I went to as a Freshman at the U!) Ha!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Woah, Halloween is a non-stop holiday!

Get ready to scroll quite a bit!
Getting and Carving Pumpkins:
Yeah, Kaylie had so much fun, when we were all done, she just wanted to keep on cutting!
Ward Halloween Party:
Kaylie and Porter, her main man...these days...he he he! They were joined at the hand all night long! P.S. He's a "giant cricket!" (I don't know how his mom managed to make that costume happen!)
Yep, "Most daring" for the infamous Gay Hygienist costume!:*sorry, bad lighting at the ward...and yes, those are MY pink scrubs...
Young Mom's Halloween Party:

Kaylie rockin the no hands donut eating contest, then, ya know, talking it over with her friend Joss.

Josh hittin it off with the ladybug, Addie, Porter's sis
Doesn't that look like a pose like on the movie Enchanted...he he he!
Our Frog Prince!
Evans Halloween Party:

Josh and John, 10 weeks apart, but only 2 lbs difference...
Grandma Evans with her book reading in a witch's voice...totally tradition!
and this last pic was pretty much the only trick-or-treating Kaylie did...sad to say...but we hung out at my mom's on Halloween, and by the time we tried to trick-or-treat, it was really late, and the 2 houses we went to, no one was home...bummer dude!
So, to explain too, you'll notice James has a different costume on in that top pic of this section, that was his REAL costume this year...Cletus from the Simpsons, or a common hillbilly, whichever.... and at the Evans' party, I actually put forth a little effort and dressed up as his wife...but my camera was out of batteries off and on, so I need to get those pics from they will come soon... :)