Monday, September 29, 2008

Kitten Day

Disclaimer: I love animals...but this doesn't have a great ending...but crazy enough that it's worth reading the whole novel...don't peek at the pics!

Yeah, not so much a "dog day" but a cat day. It started this morning, as I went to get the stroller out of the my driveway I was greeted by a sweet little gray kitten. He was just sitting there, looking at me, like "hello, welcome to your driveway...can I help you?"
I called Animal Control, because he started acting a little weird. He was kinda shaky, and would randomly just spaz and start chasing his tail. When Animal Control came, they wouldn't catch him for me...they said I had to rent a trap, and catch him myself. So, long story short (cause it was a little tricky), I caught the little guy, and let him munch on the whole can of tuna on the way to Animal Services. When there, they said they would probably put him to sleep because he apparently had neural problems (the spazziness...)
So, I'm driving home, telling James about how sad I am, and how cute he was, and how I would already miss his face staring at me in the driveway...when I pull into the driveway, to another little gray cat running into my garage...YEP!
So then, James comes home, and checks in the garage...he finds 1 more cat... then 1 more white cat, YEAH, 3 kittens chillin in my garage... So, I call Animal Control again, to come pick some more kittens up (apparently they'll only pic em up if they are already caught...)
The guy gets here, and I still hadn't caught any more of them, so he gets his net, and braves the garage to get them.
He comes back out and says "oh, there's probably 5 or 6 of em in there!" YEAH, 6, I said 6 (for a grand total of 7, remember, I already took one down there myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
VERY LONG story short...he caught them all. They were all very cute, but you could tell they were about 6-8 weeks, and they were all sick...SO SAD! So, he said he'd let me know if any of them would be okay, but he really didn't think they would! Can you believe it!!!
Here's the kicker to the story... The YM in the ward came and did a service project at our house on the garage...(cleaning it out and such, you can tell they didn't get very far, it's still completely a mess, full of stuff from the previous owner...(side note:who is my mom))...and they didn't see any kittens then...So where did they all come from?????????? That is the question of the kitten day...

1 kitten, no 2

now 6:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hoo rah Jim and Pam!

(Okay, so I apparently don't know how to upload pics very well, but you get the idea!)
Wahoo! Yeah for Jim and Pam being engaged!!!!!!! I am so stoked! I thought they (writers) did a great job...and I for sure thought that Pam was gonna start liking the guy at school...and then there would be drama, because she was sick of waiting for Jim to propose...but no! They just threw it in there, and it was SUPER sweet! I loved it! Great season premiere...don't ya think?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Totally 2...

So, recently, Kaylie has been getting so grown up lately...and really getting into the "terrific 2" mode. The first pic: We're having a playgroup with Eliza and the kids she nanny's for... We're both downstairs (Lize and I), and taking care of the 2 month olds, (I'm feeding, she's bouncing to sleep,) and we're talking about how it would be hard to have 3 kids, because the older two can get into who knows what while you're busy with the baby... we then realize Andrew and Kaylie are being very quiet upstairs, a little too quiet...This is what we found... it's strawberry toothpaste, don't worry, Kaylie had pink and Andrew had blue...all over themselves and the entire bathroom, and Andrew was sitting on the sink with the water running! FUN FUN FUN!!! Ha!

Then, I don't have a pic for this, but we had the tub guy over fixing the bathtub a couple days ago, it was early, and I was feeding Josh, we hadn't even gotten breakfast yet...once again, I can't see Kaylie, and it's a little too quiet... I come into the kitchen to find Kaylie at the counter, with all the cupcakes (that had been leftover from family dinner the night before), she had eaten all the frosting off, and when I asked her what she was doing she said "I want cake for dinner." Well, I guess she had already had frosting for breakfast, so why not the rest of the cupcake for dinner! Ha!

And this last pic is just a fun, cute one, showing how grown up she is getting! We are so lucky, and we get lots of hand-me-downs from family and our neighbor even, and this was when we were trying some of them on, the ballet shoes and hat were apparently her favorite! She is growing sooo fast, I can't believe some of the stuff she is fitting into now, and ballet shoes! Yay, I can't wait til she takes dance classes!!! And at the same time, I can't stand that she's almost old enough to do stuff like that already...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Josh's blessing/Tribute to my dad...

Isn't he so handsome in his little suit!!! Ha, such a mini man! :)
Josh's blessing was this last Sunday. Wow, he is now official! It was such a great experience, and as James blessed him, he said "you are here by God's word, and not by man's word." Sooooo true. Our little Josh is such a little miracle... I still think about that all the time, to think they thought he was an ectopic pregnancy...he sure showed those doctors! He is such a sweet little spirit in our home, and we love him soooo much. It was awesome to have all our family and friends there for this special occasion, and such a blast to have everyone over at our house for a BBQ, even though our backyard still needs some serious work (there's always next year, right!?!)
What hot boys!
4 generations!
See where Josh gets some of his good looks, this is him with Great Grandpa Day
Tribute to my daddy-o
We blessed Josh 2 days before the year mark of when my dad passed away. It was kind of interesting, because that was the last time that both sides of our families were at the Richards Ward with us...
I love the tribute my sis put on her blog: here's mine:
We miss you dad, and still think about you tons. I wish Josh could've played with you, because you were so great with the grandkids. I also wish you could've been here to stand in the circle to help bless my baby boy... But actually, I know you were there in spirit. I know you are watching over me and all of us, all of the times that we need you. I still want to call and ask you questions because there are things that I know for sure you would know the answers to, you are such a smart guy. I miss your 'people person' personality, everyone smiled when they met you.
I feel lucky to have had such a great dad. Some things I learned from him:
  • you can NEVER judge...cause you NEVER know where someone is coming from
  • you decide how to react to situations, you choose how to respond
  • you can never learn enough
  • you can never read enough books
  • how to launch kids in a swimming pool
  • how to really clean a toilet
  • people can change
  • life is good
  • hang in there
and you were the ultimate example of endurance, I'm so glad you're not here suffering anymore, but miss you tons! See ya in the next life!!! :)