Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cast your vote:

Woah, this is my 100th post! Cool! Not that I've been even paying attn, I just happened to notice! So, this isn't really for the journal/family history part of the blog, this is for those reading it! We need some help deciding on a name for our little GIRL (for those of you that didn't see the FB status)! Here's some pics of her, so you can use that for reference! Ha!
So far, we like Alyssa and Abigail (Abby). We also like Emma, but Kaylie has a cousin close to her age named Emily, (could get confusing), and Maya/Mya, Amber, and Isabelle are on the list too. I am thinking for the middle name of combining both of our mom's names (Deanne and DeEtte) to make Annette...but James is not a fan, so other suggestions are welcome! Really, any suggestions are welcome... Thanks in advance!These are from her second ultrasound, just last Friday:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the season!

The real reason for the season, I love the new nativity setup at Temple Square!
Making gingerbread boys and girls:
Festival of trees:
We watched this Santa for quite a while, we totally held up the line!
The kids' corner! What a blast! Kaylie made a reindeer hat, got a manicure, a glitter tattoo, painted an ornament, and got to stand inside a real bubble, and blow bubbles out of it...sooo cool! We had a great time, and I am for sure making this a tradition!
We like to end our mommy/daughter dates with a caramel apple, we did the same thing at Lagoon last summer! Yummmm!

Halloween a wee bit late.

Oh, Halloween, the non-stop holiday. This year Kaylie was Ariel, and she even got tired of putting on her costume by actual Halloween. (I never thought I would see the day, seeing as she at first loved the thing so much she wanted to sleep in it...) Josh was so sick of his costume, he actually switched for the ward party to a half pumpkin, half tiger for a while. Poor kids, tormenting them with so much fun!

Maybe it's our fault for starting so early, here's carving pumpkins, the first week of October. (**this also shows how far behind in blogging I am...)Yes, that is my 2 year old with a knife! Ha! Don't report me!!!
And since we carved our pumpkins so early, we had to buy more (after the other ones rotted on the front porch...yuck!), and this time we painted them, I was not about to go through all the pumpkin guts again!
Evans family party:
"Stirring the brew!!!"
My sweet little tiger. His costume never stayed on for long, I was lucky to get a good pic of him!
Kercher family party:
Ward Trunk-or-Treat:
No hands donut on a string game. James totally won, even though he had to eat his donut off the floor to do so! The rest of us took our sweet time, and I thoroughly enjoyed my donut!
Preschool party:
Trick-or-treating with the Steadmans:

Yeah, we went out at the windiest part of the night, it was kinda raining, and sooo cold! Don't worry, the mom's held the umbrellas, the kids could not have cared less!
This kid was in heaven. Once he figured out how the whole thing worked, he was stoked to knock on all the doors he could!
Kaylie and Priest-O. Buddies from birth, (well, from Kaylie's birth, Priest is a year older....)
And I swear she has a costume on, under that rain coat!
The Steadmans. Every Will Ferrel movie we see, we think of Elliot. Does he not look an insane amount similar to Will? We saw him a few days before Halloween, and we saw his awesome 'stach, and said "Hey man, you look like Ron from Anchorman!" Lo and behold, this was what he was going to be for Halloween. We think he should just pick a different Will character to be every year, he is perfect for it!

Fun find

I went to put clothes in Kaylie's closet the other day, or get some out, can't remember...but this is what I saw! Love it! That is a homemade hanger, made by Kaylie out of a purple pipe cleaner, holding her tiny princess's dress! And apparently, she climbed up on the drawers below to make sure it had a good spot right in the middle of her dresses! I love the things I just happen to find around the house!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


This fall Kaylie has been taking ballet and tap. She loves them both and now her and Josh go around the house doing the "boogie woogie" move! Every time we go to leave, and have a hard time getting her out of the house, I say "should we just stop doing dance, and not worry about it?" That's all it takes to get her out the door...she just forgets how much she loves it til she almost loses it...funny how that is so universal!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vegas in October...

So, the hotel we stayed at, the Silverton, has a huge aquarium, and it even has mermaids that do little shows. My kiddos LOVED it! I think one of the mermaids had a little crush on Josh, she kept coming back over to him and making him touch the glass. Don't worry little mermaid, the feeling was mutual!
Cruisin the boulevard! They are supposed to be pointing at the Statue of Liberty. Oh well.
The whole gang, minus my mom, who is taking the pic...M & M factory has a 3D movie for the kiddos. But I think they could use some new 3D glasses, all of ours didn't even work unless you squinted one eye...
The lion habitat at MGM, they are like big kitties, and Josh likes kitties!
And...the highlight of the whole trip: POOL TIME!
The hotel Tree and Curt were at, Tahiti Village, is soooo rockin awesome! It doesn't have a casino, so it smells so yummy all the time, and the pool has sand on one end going into the pool, so it's like the beach, without salt water! It was soooo nice to just lay out while the kids played in the sand, and when they did venture in the water, it was shallow, so a momma could chill and not worry! And when I got too hot from laying out, the water was perfect...needless to say, this is for sure where we'll be staying if we go to Vegas again!
Uncle Curt was so fun and let us bury him in the sand!!!Kaylie and Rylie were brave and wanted to get buried too!

If we couldn't see Kaylie and Rylie, this is where they always were hiding, in the hot tub!
You can barely tell, but they have foam beards...Ok...this was the funniest thing. This little chica was infatuated with James. It started in the sand, she came over and started playing with Josh and James. James was nice to her, and apparently too nice...she kept following him, he would inch further and further away, so she would inch closer and closer! HA! So James was feelin a little funny, and didn't want her parents to get the wrong idea, so he took Josh out in the pool in the deeper water to get away from her. What does she do?? Oh, have no fear, she goes and gets her little floatie, so she can follow right after him!!!!! I WAS LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY! Maybe you had to be there...But it seriously went on for close to an hour, and I even videotaped him moving away from her, and her kicking her little legs to get her and her floatie right next to him! (And so I had proof, in case there were any accusations later!) Anyway, it made my day, and I really think James should be flattered! He he he!The last day, we trekked down to Circus Circus for the Adventure Dome. It was actually really fun! But I will not go back in October again, because at night it is the "Fright Dome," and they didn't take all the props down, and actually started letting the scary made-up workers in before we even left...I was pretty disturbed, and angry that Kaylie was upset about seeing the "scary clowns" with psycho fangs and blood on their faces. Yeah, I recommend going, but NEVER in October. On a lighter note, before the end, the kids had a blast...James too... :)
Super fun trip to Vegas. The highlights according to Kaylie: "Swimming, playing in the sand, Grandma sleeping in our room." So basically, all the effort put in to seeing all the "fun things for kids" wasn't really worth it. Next trip, we're heading somewhere warm, and camping out at the pool!