Saturday, March 29, 2008

Up to date now...

So yeah, it's been a little busy, and I have obviously not had blogging at the top of my list of priorities... So once again, I am sorry about the lapse in posts.... :)

... Most recent, we have been staying at James' mom and dad's house while the remodel at the house trudges on. Things are coming along now, we got carpet finished on Sat morning, and our bathroom finished on Wednesday, so we now have running water and a toilet down there... Let me tell you, it was not fun being down there working for hours with a full bladder and a pregnant belly!!! Not an ideal situation to say the least... Sorry, I seem to have my camera handy for the fun parties, and not ever at the house, so the after pics will have to wait yet again... Oh, and belly pics, well, I keep forgetting to take another one! Sorry little guy, but you're just not gonna know what your mom looked like at 6 months, you'll have to settle for 5, then 7. Oops! :)

We moved out of our apartment on Saturday, and have been staying with the Evans since. It's actually been really fun! His sister Maureen and her 4 kids were also in town for spring break. Kaylie has had an absolute blast having 4 other kids to entertain her for a week. They just left today to go back to Idaho, and she is soooo bummed. She keeps asking for Samuel or Anna or Soph, because they are no longer anywhere to be found in the house! I need to hurry up and have this little guy so she has someone else to play with... I am obviously just not cuttin it in the fun department!

Here's the pizza/American Idol party:

They are always making her bust up laughing! She adores them all!

Here's pics at the zoo...Samuel is a big Kaylie fan, and he showed her around the whole day, isn't that a sweet little pic of them holding hands!

I swear I have the funnest nieces and nephews ever, and they are so dang cute! And we miss those little Simmons kids already!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Lindsey Lu and Dan too!!!

Yeah, so this was actually March 15th, they're already back from their honeymoon, and all settled in their little apartment, but I still wanted to post about it, cause it was such a fun day!!!
The three amigos, we will forever be inseparable. Me, Linds, and Laur (or Lu and Bean to me!)

Kaylie was running around the reception center, we just sat back and relaxed on the couch, and she'd occasionally check in and say hi to us, before running back and playing with the other kids!

Yeah for my best friend Lindsey Lu! Actually, yeah for Dan! He's the luckiest guy ever! If I could, I would live with Linds forever!!! She was my roommate, and is my best friend! I love her to death! We have known each other since '01, but it feels like soo much longer! I am so happy for her and her man, they are going to make each other so happy forever. I am also just so grateful for the gospel, and eternal marriage! I am so stoked to spend eternity with my man! The sealing was amazing, and James had to work, but I was just missing him so much, and just thinking of how grateful I am to have him and that we have the same promises Lindsey and Dan do for eternity! Sorry, there's no pics with Dan in em, I realized later...he he he!

Easter 08

So yeah, Happy Early Easter everyone! Crazy how it just didn't quite feel like spring enough for it to already be Easter, but then come Easter Sunday, it was gorgeous! Kaylie bug got to do 2 egg hunts this year, despite all the crazy moving on Saturday (yeah, it was not the best day to plan a move...but what can ya do?). We did one egg hunt with the Kerchers and one with the Evans. They were both really fun, and let me tell ya, Kaylie sure knows the word "shocklat" now, and she is a BIG fan!

Yes! Those are 2 HUGE malted milk balls in her tiny little mouth!!! I had to hide the egg with the other 2 in it!

Yeah, see honey, there's a reason mom says only 1 at a time... he he he! Don't worry, she didn't throw up, she managed to chew and eat them both completely!!! HA!

Here's Easter Sunday with the Evans crew:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Flood and "Oh"

So, lots of you have been asking about the's it progressing you might ask, well, let me give you a fun little update... TODAY WE HAD A FLOOD! Yup, James went down to meet the window guys there today at about 11am, and there had been a small leak in the bathroom that turned into a major flood...through the floor and ruining the basement ceiling, wall, and floor. So needless to say, progress is halted for a moment... I will keep ya'll posted... (everything will be okay I think, there's at least no more gushing water for the time being!)

But on a brighter, fun note, we have our fun little Kaylie to keep us positive and happy. Her new thing to say just starting today, or maybe yesterday is "oh." I know, I know, not a huge word by any means, but she gets it now. I say, "daddy's at work," and she looks at me, ponders for a sec, and then says "oh." Like she totally knows what I'm saying, and understands. Pretty cool huh! ;) I just think she's the greatest! We also have been singing primary songs lots lately, and you should see her jam out to 'Popcorn popping' and 'Head, shoulders, knees, and toes!'

P.S. Sorry no pics again, they will come soon, I promise!

Monday, March 3, 2008

No more fun!

So, sorry there is no pic with this one, but if there was, it would be me, with a really sad look on my face, sticking out my bottom lip. At my last appt, the midwife said, and I quote "no more running." (After two close calls to fainting after running, and the pain from the impact to my little/big belly) I know to some of you, this might be great news, but for me, I am bummed. I love running! Not that I am any marathoner or anything, but I love a good run, especially outside, and now that the weather is finally looking hopeful, I am doomed to walk. Nothing against walking, it can be great fun too, but nothing feels as good as air filled lungs, warm muscles, and a pumping heart rate... So I will continue to circle around on my eliptical, and take nice long walks, but don't be surprised if I all of the sudden rapidly expand... he he he!