Thursday, June 23, 2011

Starting here.

I thought about starting at the beginning of the year, seeing as I haven't blogged since then, but I'm not going to. If I get around to catching up later, so be it, but at least I can start here, and not miss any memories I always swear I'll never forget...and then do.
I wanted to make sure I wrote some stuff down before my brain gets too full tomorrow and I can't remember it again!
KAYLIE just turned 5. She is so big, and the BEST big sister. I really rely on her a ton! In some ways, she has made baby #3 easier than baby #2, because I trust her to not let anything happen to my sweet Emma while I shower, run on the treadmill, etc. The other day I asked her to grab something as we walked out the door, and she was so frustrated... "Really mom, do I have to do everything today? I already held Emma while you showered, and got you a burp cloth, (and a few other things I already can't remember), ..." She really is a good sport about it, and even if she complains as she does it, she will always help me out!
She just started Kindergarten! There is no way! She also just lost her 2nd tooth! HOLY COW! My baby is so grown up. I swear she cannot be that old, and I really am bummed that she apparently got my teeth genetics... Not good, I grew up always having to get cavities filled, and she has already had one of those too! But, lucky for her, I now know how to take care of teeth a little bit better than I did growing up!
She is already growing out of polly pocket world. She has now entered the media world, and it's all I can do to get her off the computer, my phone, or the t.v. But luckily, she loves reading too. She's still just beginning, but is getting the "sight words" down.
JOSH just turned 3! Once again, seriously??!? I still call him my baby, even though I really do have a newborn now. I can't help it, there is just something about my lil J man that will always be so tender and sweet like a little newborn to me. His new things are: saying ok to everything, but then not really knowing what it means. Ending lots of words with the e sound, like milky for instance. And he now rubs my arms and back. So sweet. Just like we do to him. It's heart melting.
He is wild. I really can't go anywhere by myself anymore without risking his life. Really. The last 3 parks I went to he ran into the road while I was nursing. He ran out of the Carters store in Sugarhouse (by the gully, rushing water, 2 parking lots, etc.) Yes. I can't go anywhere anymore without help. Makes life a little different(/frustrating), we'll stick with different.
He is funny! He fakes asleep! He pretends to be asleep and even fake snores. Sometimes, he'll fall asleep while faking asleep. I got it on video, actually, I got him "sleep walking" on video...fake snoring while walking from the living room to his bed. Hilarious! His cousin John now copies him, after seeing Josh do it as his house while Aunt Marilee was trying to put them both down for naps. Ever since, John fake snores and says "that's what Joshy does."
He loves to play with anything Mickey or Thomas (trains), and loves his new toy Handy Manny with his fix it truck and tools.
EMMA is in a word: angelic. She is by far my best baby, and that is saying a lot, because the other two weren't bad at all! She is so calm, and soooo patient. She has to wait around, a lot...She hangs out and falls asleep in the baby bjorn all the time. She is a great eater, and is growing faster than the other two did. She also takes a binkie!!!! Hallelujah! Once again, different than the other two. It has helped so much in so many ways. She has the sweetest smile, and that, is actually, just like the other two~!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cast your vote:

Woah, this is my 100th post! Cool! Not that I've been even paying attn, I just happened to notice! So, this isn't really for the journal/family history part of the blog, this is for those reading it! We need some help deciding on a name for our little GIRL (for those of you that didn't see the FB status)! Here's some pics of her, so you can use that for reference! Ha!
So far, we like Alyssa and Abigail (Abby). We also like Emma, but Kaylie has a cousin close to her age named Emily, (could get confusing), and Maya/Mya, Amber, and Isabelle are on the list too. I am thinking for the middle name of combining both of our mom's names (Deanne and DeEtte) to make Annette...but James is not a fan, so other suggestions are welcome! Really, any suggestions are welcome... Thanks in advance!These are from her second ultrasound, just last Friday:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tis the season!

The real reason for the season, I love the new nativity setup at Temple Square!
Making gingerbread boys and girls:
Festival of trees:
We watched this Santa for quite a while, we totally held up the line!
The kids' corner! What a blast! Kaylie made a reindeer hat, got a manicure, a glitter tattoo, painted an ornament, and got to stand inside a real bubble, and blow bubbles out of it...sooo cool! We had a great time, and I am for sure making this a tradition!
We like to end our mommy/daughter dates with a caramel apple, we did the same thing at Lagoon last summer! Yummmm!

Halloween a wee bit late.

Oh, Halloween, the non-stop holiday. This year Kaylie was Ariel, and she even got tired of putting on her costume by actual Halloween. (I never thought I would see the day, seeing as she at first loved the thing so much she wanted to sleep in it...) Josh was so sick of his costume, he actually switched for the ward party to a half pumpkin, half tiger for a while. Poor kids, tormenting them with so much fun!

Maybe it's our fault for starting so early, here's carving pumpkins, the first week of October. (**this also shows how far behind in blogging I am...)Yes, that is my 2 year old with a knife! Ha! Don't report me!!!
And since we carved our pumpkins so early, we had to buy more (after the other ones rotted on the front porch...yuck!), and this time we painted them, I was not about to go through all the pumpkin guts again!
Evans family party:
"Stirring the brew!!!"
My sweet little tiger. His costume never stayed on for long, I was lucky to get a good pic of him!
Kercher family party:
Ward Trunk-or-Treat:
No hands donut on a string game. James totally won, even though he had to eat his donut off the floor to do so! The rest of us took our sweet time, and I thoroughly enjoyed my donut!
Preschool party:
Trick-or-treating with the Steadmans:

Yeah, we went out at the windiest part of the night, it was kinda raining, and sooo cold! Don't worry, the mom's held the umbrellas, the kids could not have cared less!
This kid was in heaven. Once he figured out how the whole thing worked, he was stoked to knock on all the doors he could!
Kaylie and Priest-O. Buddies from birth, (well, from Kaylie's birth, Priest is a year older....)
And I swear she has a costume on, under that rain coat!
The Steadmans. Every Will Ferrel movie we see, we think of Elliot. Does he not look an insane amount similar to Will? We saw him a few days before Halloween, and we saw his awesome 'stach, and said "Hey man, you look like Ron from Anchorman!" Lo and behold, this was what he was going to be for Halloween. We think he should just pick a different Will character to be every year, he is perfect for it!

Fun find

I went to put clothes in Kaylie's closet the other day, or get some out, can't remember...but this is what I saw! Love it! That is a homemade hanger, made by Kaylie out of a purple pipe cleaner, holding her tiny princess's dress! And apparently, she climbed up on the drawers below to make sure it had a good spot right in the middle of her dresses! I love the things I just happen to find around the house!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


This fall Kaylie has been taking ballet and tap. She loves them both and now her and Josh go around the house doing the "boogie woogie" move! Every time we go to leave, and have a hard time getting her out of the house, I say "should we just stop doing dance, and not worry about it?" That's all it takes to get her out the door...she just forgets how much she loves it til she almost loses it...funny how that is so universal!