Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A little angry...

So. I've decided I don't think I'm ever ready to get pregnant again. Here's why. So, I got a little taste of it again, flashbacks too real...
I got a new prescription for my birth control last week. Since I started taking it, I have been soooo nauseous, having headaches, feeling soooo tired. So, was it a dud, didn't work, and I'm prego. Nope, 2 tests have confirmed no! Thank goodness. Turns out, the pharmacy gave me the WRONG pill!!! I've always been on the mini pill...forever, and never had any problems, well, they gave me the generic for Ortho-Tricyclen. Oops, wrong! So, thanks a lot, Mr. Pharmacy technician, for hurrying to get me my Rx before I went out of town...but next time, take your time, so you get the right pill, and save me all the flu like miserableness that I sure would have liked to do without!!!
So, now, after the week of yuck, that brought back so many fond (not) memories of the first trimester of both of my pregnancies, I am yet reminded why I want to wait for a long time, if not indefinitely to have another one...EVEN though I know, I know, they're worth it in the end...

And just for fun, for those of you that know how crazy weird I am about numbers...Lovin all the 3's on both of their tickers!
LilypieOkay...I copied them when Kaylie's said 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and Josh's said 1 year, 3 months and 3 days...Now they changed...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Kaylie and Porter. BFF's!
Kaylie ran almost the entire way up AND down the whole hike...she was a fast little ball of energy! She would've run the entire way, but I made her stop and wait for the rest of us!
Sweet little Josh man...mommy always takes you places when it's your nap time...you are oh so patient and cute to sleep wherever!
I LOVE hiking. And I can't believe I have a little 3 yr. old that loves it as much as I do... If I hadn't had a backpack with a baby in it, I would've run up and down the whole trail with her... I can't wait til she gets older and we can go on even longer hikes together!!! And we LOVE our friends the Bybees, what a fun afternoon with such fun people!!! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

End of July to End of August...

In a nutshell: playdates, Thanksgiving Point, the Zoo, swimming, Joshy learning to feed himself, and stand, and walk pushing things, crawling everywhere, Growing our own crops, Me turning 26, going to Lagoon with just James (best day! Seriously, one of my favorite birthdays so far!), Liberty park, Laird Park, science class making and eating ice cream, Kaylie dressing herself, wanting only dresses, sometimes could talk her into skirts, for like the entire month of August, McDonalds playplace, fun now that Josh can climb so well, Ward campout...to sum up: LOTSA FUN! Can't believe summer is over, it has gone way too fast...but don't worry, we'll still have lotsa fun with fall too... :)

Some other random pics I couldn't fit in the collage:Have I told ya'll about my family's obsession with Berry Smoothies from Costco? Seriously, we need our own machine, especially Josh. The kid goes crazy for em!!!
James' 10 YEAR high school reunion...yep...he's that OLD!!! HA!!!
"Tree Hugger Kaylie" Yep, following after her mommy and grandma, who, James says, are total tree huggers too... Disclaimer: I did not tell her to do this. The wind was blowing pretty hard, and she was worried about the tree...on her own!
Oh my heck. Nothing better than the sound of your two kids playing together and laughing hysterically, especially after you just dragged them all around the mall!
Summer night bike rides. Pure bliss in my book. Especially here, when they both fell asleep just in time for bedtime... We have loved having James home at night (not at school) this summer, and cannot believe summer is already over, and it's already back to school time...bummer.
More Cabin Pics: from last month, but still needed to post...All the cousins waking up and hangin out together, and of course, adoring the babies!Josh and John. 10 weeks apart, and you'd be surprised who is older... :)