Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another day at the cabin.

Wow, we are lucky, and we know it! We loved going to the cabin in August just as much as July! This time was actually really fun because most of the kids were back in school, which equaled a very quiet cabin night! We just went up for a night and half the next day is all, but there's always plenty of fun no matter how long we're there! Here are some pics of the fun:Smoretacular!
Who needs marshmallows or grahams?
Cute cowgirl chica
I've said it before, this girl is a thrill-seeker! She was the happiest when I was the most worried, watching from a distance as she galloped with daddy!
Galloping girls...Okay, trotting. I'm not near as strong of a horse rider as James!
Playing by the waterfall, our fave hike!