Monday, October 25, 2010

The littlest pumpkin

Our family of pumpkins:And if you didn't catch the punch line from the above pic, here's a more direct route for ya:

Yeppers, baby #3 due 5-6-11 :) We all couldn't be more excited, especially Kaylie!!!


Outdoor Soccer!
Kaylie had a blast this season with soccer. She was on her friend John's team, and his dad Pete was the coach! Yay! Couldn't ask for a better setup!
Oh my heck, these two have so much fun together on the's like they're in their own little world. Oh, are they supposed to be paying attention to the game?
They even have matching scars on the top of their noses!
Yay Kaylie! She really only hit the ball during practice... :)
I'm not ready to be a soccer mom! It has been so busy, especially b/c one of Kaylie's games each week just happened to be the day I worked, and the game was at 5:30, sometimes I don't even leave work til then, and James has class the same night, so our nights were a little hecktic to say the least, and we spent most nights eating dinner during breaks from the game!
Killer trophy! It is seriously the coolest trophy I've ever seen...the soccer ball spins, and lights up~! Can you believe it, a spinning, lighted trophy...who knew there was such a thing, we love it!