Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goodbye to 09, Hello 2010!

6 YEARS!!!!! Woah! I can't believe it...We had such a GREAT day together! We hung out and organized stuff all morning, (my favorite thing to do, really.), chilled with the kiddos, and then went to dinner and a movie...but not just any movie...we saw Avatar...LOVED it!!!!! Then dinner at Thaifoon...yummy! And, to top it all off, being the number freaks that we are, we LOVED that our day was the perfect anagram 01 02 do ya like them apples! Happy Anniversary babe, thanks for being perfect for me, and making me feel so good all the time. I love YOU!
New Years Eve 2009:
We had a party at our house, and everyone brought kiddos, so we felt kinda lame when everyone left before midnight...nice party huh! But all the kids were like beyond, beyond tired...especially since we went sledding before, and then partied so hard with "Just Dance" and "Rock Band" all night long! It was so fun!!! Thanks everyone for bringing over your cool games! (Side note, notice Kaylie being the perma backup dancer...she is hilarious, especially when she put her frames on...yeah, that's my girl!)
Sledding before the par-tay! What a blast! Josh seemed unenthused, but was okay going down the hill, it was just so funny how he didn't cry or smile. Apparently he would have preferred a bigger hill, more thrills, etc. But he sure did look super cute standing around! Kaylie and Porter were crazy! It took a while for Porter to warm up to the idea, (and a few rounds of his dad tricking him and pushing him down the hill), but he eventually was cool with going down with just him and Kaylie, and it was super cute! Kaylie preferred sledding with Amanda, over her own mother, go figure. But I didn't mind, my hands were freezing (my gloves are missing)! All in all, it was soooo fun, and we all can't wait to go again, at least I think...
The round of Christmas collages:
This is actually the end of the night, and the morning after! Ha~! Kaylie was so content with opening just a couple of presents Christmas morning, and we had places to go, so we left some for her to open later. And then the table was a surprise present, "Santa" forgot we opened it and put it together Saturday morning!
Pics from the Kercher Cousin Exchange:
Evans Cousin Exchange:
Grandma and Grandpa Evans got all the grandkids umbrellas, they obviously LOVED them!
The Official Christmas Morning Collage:
There were WAY too many pics, and I had to cut a lot out. But the jist was, Kaylie ravaging through all the wrapping paper, even on Joshy's presents, Josh being overwhelmed, but sooo happy, sticking his tongue out all morning in delight, Kaylie really being happy with the first present she opened, a mini Cinderella, with lots of dresses, a prince, and a happy that she WOULDN'T open any more presents for like 1/2 hour! Then taking all her "polly pocket princesses" into her room and closing the door "so Joshy won't take them" and playing by herself for like an hour!!! This was by far the funnest Christmas, now that Josh can enjoy his presents, and Kaylie was so fun watching them!!!
The Christmas Mohawk:
James had 6 days off work, so he decided to have some fun...he's wanted to do a mohawk forever, and he finally got to! You may have noticed it already in other pics, but here's the official all sides motif: Don't worry, it was all gone by Sunday for church, and work Monday! :) But it sure was fun while it lasted!!!
Christmas Eve:
We actually had this year to ourselves! Not normal! We loved being able to spend the night with just our own little family. We had a nice dinner, including "fun drink," talked about Jesus, and why we celebrate Christmas, actually put out cookies for Santa, and food for his reindeer, opened one present; new Christmas pajamas, and all got to bed at a decent time (including Santa)! It was so calm and peaceful, and I wish we could do it every year!
(Maybe next year minus the candles though, little Kaylie's hair actually caught on fire! We told her to stop leaning over the get the butter, but if you know Kaylie, you know she'll catch her hair on fire to get more butter! Ha!)
Some pre-Christmas fun, at the library for the Gingerbread Man Extravaganza with the Jackson's. Good times, good food, good friends, good fun!