Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lotsa stuff: J's bday, Friday 13th, Sunny Fun, St. Patty's Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY JAMESY!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Sorry, this post is so long in coming...I know your birthday was oh, say, 20 days ago... We had so much fun just us 2 for a night on the's okay that we got the call during dinner, Joshy needed a mommy, so our night got cut a little short, but not by much, we still had a blast together!!! I love going on dates with you, and I'm so stinkin glad you were born! xoxo!
Draper Temple:
We actually went to the open house on James' birthday. It was gorgeous, and actually kinda cute, I loved the woodwork and the cute rug in the brides' room! Kaylie loved the baptistry, and thanked Heavenly Father for being able to see the stairs and the water, in her little prayers that night! What a fun experience, and what a beautiful, holy, peaceful place. Our family is so thankful for temples!!!

FrIDaY thE 13tH:
Took our black car in. It's been smoking. It needs $800 worth of work.
My boss's friend, who was on his way to his mother-in-law's funeral, died too.
The canner we rented from the cannery on the fritz, had to get it back by 4pm, but it kept getting the cans stuck in it, food had to be canned that day, here's exhibit 1:
Last, but oh, definitely not least: our car, after my little sis borrowed it. Luckily, it is the one of our 3 cars that has full coverage insurance, the rest all have only liability. The one lucky thing on this really not great Friday the 13th. I didn't use to be superstitious, but now I have to be...This pic doesn't do the damage justice. The bumper is actually wired on, with nothing underneath it, and the side lights are all taped on with duct tape. Yep. Nice huh. :)
On a MUCH brighter note, We have been having some serious fun in the sun...can't wait for it to come back again!!!
Unexpected. Joshy was the fussy one when I started running, I looked inside the jogger to see the EXACT opposite of what I thought I would see!!! Oh, they are so fun!
Don't worry, what I thought would happen did, like 2 seconds later!!! Ha ha ha!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
St. Patty's Day. I'm a very festive person. But this one was a little over the top, even for me!
Real Irish dinner for ya. Corned beef and cabbage. And yep, that's totally green bread!
Yeah, she looks happy in the picture, but she actually was pretty mad at that sneaky Leprechaun for turning her mac and cheese green. She said "let's go to his house and tell him to turn my mac and cheese yellow again." Ha! Kids! The poor girl was probably just so sick of everything being green. Yeah, I got a little carried away...Green: mac n cheese, jello, applesauce, grapes, and yeah, the milk too... he he he!
Joshy is already 9 whole months! And all of them have been a blast. Love you little man!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thoughts on Running

So, I finally got an IPod, yeah, I know, finally. And actually, I got it for Christmas, and just finally put music on it like 2 or 3 days ago. My question is, does anyone else sing along with the songs while running, or working out? And I don't mean when you're outside, I mean like at the gym, do you find yourself mouthing the lyrics, like me. Or should I seriously try to control myself? Does that make me a weirdo?
But seriously, I am lovin it, I am such a music fanatic, and I have always run without music, it's been my time to think, but it is so much more fun with music, especially when I hear some of my favorite songs...they make me run faster!
And I have been running a lot lately, trying to train for the half marathon. Yep. Never done one of those before, but here goes nothin! (And I'm also wondering if anyone has a spot on their team for the Wasatch Back...I would love to do it...)