Wednesday, June 25, 2008


One of these pics is Kaylie, and one is Josh.... But which one is which? Can you tell, and does it trip you out as much as it does us? We realized we are going to be one of those families where when one of our kids walks in the door at a party, or in a new class, and everyone thinks...that must be an Evans! Ha!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

And then there were 4!!!

Welcome to the world little man!!!
Joshua James Evans
Born: 6/19/08
5 lbs 15 oz

Kaylie bought baby brother a toy rattle...she likes to tickle his feet, and give him oh so many kisses, all the time!!!

Our new little family!!!

So this is him! The long awaited arrival is finally here! We are just so grateful for him, and just feel like he is our little miracle baby! He survived my surgery at 5 1/2 wks preg., having a 2 (instead of 3) vessel umbilical cord, a possible marginally placed cord insertion into the placenta, a possible velementous cord insertion into the placenta (both possible problems with the placenta ended up being non-problems), and being born 2 weeks early, (although the dr's were saying he looked more like a 37 week old, instead of a 38 week old...)

Yeah, after all those possible problems, he is completely fine and healthy! That's actually why we chose the name that we did...(that, and it won the vote, ha!) No really, because Joshua means "God rescues." Can you think of a name any more fitting for this little guy!?!

Oh, he is so tiny, and we love him so much. We still get pretty emotional when we stop and realize that he's here, and he's okay. We are so thankful for our blessings, and we aren't taking Kaylie for granted either, she is such a sweet big sister, and she is already being so helpful! And I'll have to do another post about how much they look's crazy, Josh is a spitting image of Kaylie when she was born! It's so fun!

Allison's shower

So who could imagine that 2 girls that have known each other forever (like 11 years or something like that...) would end up due with baby boys on the exact same day! Ha! Who better than "barbie" and "skipper" right!!! Al, it was so fun to finally see you and your cute belly (can't believe you were still wearing regular cute capris!) And everyone else too!!! I love friends, especially the ones you just know so well, and will love forever and ever!
It was a dang good thing we got the shower in when we did (last Saturday), cause now we already both have our little guys home with us, and I don't think either of us would've been up for a shower if we had waited even a few days! Ha! Congrats on your little man Alli J, can't wait for them to hang out!!!
I also decided that in order for us to get any projects done around our house now, we have to throw a party, yeah for checking a few more things off our never-ending list!!! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweet little Kaylie doo!

Okay, so I had to post this picture because it is my favorite EVER!!! I just got the cd (actually 2) full of all our pics from the photo shoot, I won't bore you with the rest, but I just had to put this one up...Isn't it amazing!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

36 Weeks...and counting!

I finally got some maternity pics! I wanted to get them when I was prego with Kaylie, but just never did, and as much as I don't love being so big, I really am glad I got these taken! It was fun to get them this time too, cause now Kaylie can be in them, and you can see how funny she is about the belly, she loves "baby brother!" It turned out to be super windy, and even started raining at the end of the shoot, but Melissa did a great job... You can check out her blog to see some of her other great work, Thanks Holly for getting your maternity pics done and posting her blog, she did a great job! :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kaylie is 2!!!

Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker
Wahoo! Kaylie is 2!!!!!!!!! We have had such a fun day today!!! James and I are sooo tired, and Kaylie didn't want to goto sleep! We started the day with balloons and "Lily" with an awesome birthday breakfast (pancakes included, of course!) Then after church we went to Grandma Kercher's for more birthday fun with aunts, uncles, cousins, Great Grandpa Day and Nancy, Grandma and "Papa" Evans with Great Grandma Simmons met us at home with even more presents! Birthday bath, and off to bed! What a day!

Sorry, kinda blurry, but there's Lily, she sings and counts, and you better believe we already have her little voice stuck in our heads!!!

Kaylie's fav breakfast foods are "cakes", sausage, and hashbrowns...
She liked em so much, she started licking her plate clean! Ha!!!

The party girl with her very own cake, and below, her very own noise maker and party hat!

Today is Aunt Trieste's birthday too!!!
They were born exactly 30 years and 14 minutes apart!!! Crazy huh!

Kaylie got more play food, she loves playing kitchen.
She also got a great new doll with lots of accessories, she couldn't be a better little mommy!!!!

We owe our awesome book collection to those grandparents below; now Kaylie can add Brown bear, Brown bear, and Silly Sally to her collection!!! She loves books!!!

What a lucky little girl!!! Gosh, we love her!!! We can't believe she's already been a part of our family for 2 whole years, time flies! But at the same time, it feels like she's always been there, and I can't imagine, or really remember how it felt to not have her around... She really is such a fun little girl, with so much energy, and such a contagious laugh and sweet personality. She communicates sooo well, and she is so fun to play with everyday! Sometimes I just can't stand how great she is, I feel like such a lucky mom, and I know James feels like a very lucky dad too!!!

L-3 Knows how to Par-tay!

Wow! Who knew L-3, full of all those nerdy engineers (just kidding, all you engineers!), could host such a rockin event? It was definitely catered to kids, but don't worry, James and bro Tom had a blast, and I had a blast watching them and Kaylie!! It was such a perfect warm day, and you better believe I took advantage of all the free snow cones and cotton candy!!! :)

Roomies BBQ

the "go go go" game!

We're pooped! Nite nite time!

So, my favorite roommates still keep in touch, we got together this weekend because Jessica and Matt are moving to Florida in a couple weeks, and we wanted to see Islay's new house! It was so fun, Kaylie and Ellie had a blast keeping each other occupied while we all caught up and ate some rockin bbq! Way to go Spencer, our steaks were amazing!!!