Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Your help please...

Fun day at the park. Actually should have been with the previous post, but I wanted it to have it's own, because it was such a blast! These kiddos totally satisfy my photography fetish. Love them! Still trying to decide if I like these enough to forgo the annual professional pics that I have done each year around their birthdays... Honesty please people, I want the truth...Should I still go get pro posed pics done, so they look a little cleaner, and I can get a perfect view of their whole faces, I tend to chop them on occasion, and really just b/c these are true candid shots. Or are they fun and artistic??? And if you like them, vote, which ones are frame-worthy, if any... THANKS in advance for your opinions! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010


I am one of those people who like to procrastinate. Usually I can handle it, what I leave for myself to do....later. But with blogging, it's just so much time and effort waiting for pics to upload, I find myself leaving way to much stuff to blog about, and if you know me at all, you know how MANY pictures I take, and so I am left feeling oVerWHelmEd. But here goes nothin... one pic at a time right... a little variation on my mom's favorite line "One day at a time."
Yeehaw! We are now no longer Ragnar Virgins! Go Wasatch Back! We had tried to get our own team together this year, but didn't sign up in time before it sold out, LUCKILY, James' work has a team, so we joined it, and came to find out, it was sponsored, so it was such a blessing in disguise that we couldn't sign up ourselves!We got to do Ragnar with James' work, L3, hence the name of our team, Livin Life Large, he he! But even though I understood why the 3 L's, I kinda felt like we should be a team of bigger people...
My first exchange...yay! I was so stinkin nervous, I had to stop at the port o' potty's before every exchange! Ha!
Yes. That is my hubby. Lovin this pic...he is SOOOO hot! This is just before the most brutal leg of the race, okay, the 3rd most brutal...and he's just a beginner! He was AMAZING!
ALL DONE!!! This is after my final leg...good 8 miler after 2 hours of sleep...yeah, I was extremely happy to be done!!!
All of us all done! Our rockin Van 1 team!
The whole crew...that we only saw once during the whole race! Weird huh, you're on the same team, and yet never see each other!
This was such a fabulous weekend for us, we had a blast together!!! I'm so happy we got to do it together and experience it for the first time at the same time...I was worried we were wasting an overnight babysitter to go torture ourselves, but we had so much fun, it was so worth it, this can totally count as our couple vacation for the year!!! :)
Oh, and you can't tell very well in the above pics, but James had a rockin mohawk just for Wasatch Back! Yeehaw!!! :)
Princess Tea Party: Super fun, not really, cute, yeah. Will I do it again? Probably not...we'll see.
A gold coin to go with pretend tea inside...hmmm...
Luckily, that gold coin bought them a t-shirt, and they got real tea ("strawberry tea" to Kaylie) and a rockin cupcake outside...
And they made these fun little crowns... All in all, I think she had some fun...Kaylie and Addy. True princesses! :)
Kimi Graduated! Woot woot! Way to go my lil Kimbo... We're so proud of you and excited for all your new adventures to come...
Oh my memories! I have to tell you, I was reminiscing like crazy...and yes, to my lil bro's dismay, I was even singing along with all the school songs...he he he! I will never get over how frickin' awesome the bagpipes are....yeeeahh! With the sistas:With her bro's:
The siblings:and the momma:
The whole fam damily... it was such a party!!! We stayed out til midnight, which is big for me! :)
Our new pool! Somehow every year our plastic pools get this is the 2010 model:
James, being the rockin cool dad that he is suped up our pool by moving it under the swingset and blasting the water, making it soooo much more fun!Um, yeah. Monkey see, monkey do. Story of our daily lives!
Hopefully she doesn't end up with my height deficiency and really can keep playing ball!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
KAYLIE IS 4~!!!!
Don't mind the hoses in the background...slight oversight on that one...her party was supposed to be at a park, and the weather forecast seemed great, UNTIL the day of, so it called for some last minute planning and mad dash cleaning and sorry if I forgot to move the hose...OKAY! Ha!
The presents from Mom, Dad, and Joshy...she is one spoiled little girl! I mean big girl, (sorry Kaylie), and really, we limited the list from what she really wanted!!! Sheesh!
Grandma Evans reading the book she got for Kaylie, Gma and Gpa Evans give books for every birthday and Christmas, what a great tradition!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jaxon's Bowling Birthday party!
Memorial Day Weekend:
At Great Grandpa and Grandma Evans graves:
These girlies were inseparable...and after about 15 mins of switching carseats around, we were able to make it possible for them to all be together to ride to dinner! This pic made all the effort worth it!
With the Kercher cousins visiting Great Grandma Day and Grandpa Kercher's graves:
My mom with her newest grandson, Tyler. She is the best with babies, and kids too... She's just the best... :)
Our own little family celebrated by going on a 6 mile run, ending at the park with a picnic...the kiddos were surprisingly cooperative...seeing as they both slept most of it...yay! And then we all had tons of fun running on the grass barefoot and chasing up and down the hill! It was the perfect way to spend a holiday in my book!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kaylie has succeeded once again... she has been going to sleep at the same time as Joshy, AND staying in her own bed ALL night long!
So, we went to Jungle Jims to celebrate her chart being FULL!!!
Christian and Joshy, pimpin in the jeep!
Kaylie and Emily. Best friends, and cousins...great combo!
Daredevils, these 2! I LOVE it! And I didn't put the pic, but Josh went on this one too...I won't even go...yeah. It's super fast!
Okay, does Kaylie have the cutest cousins or what? They just get along so well... I couldn't be happier that we live so close to almost all of them, and that there are so many around her age!
Last day of Preschool! What??? Funny that it's summer, and you can still see all that snow on the mountains in the background! I thought this was so picturesque! Kaylie has ABSOLUTELY ADORED preschool, Miss Wendy is great, and Kaylie loves being with her friends! Funny to contrast with her momma, who went to preschool for 1 whole day, and hated it, so never went back... ha!
Random park days: We go to lots of parks, a lot. :) Here are just a few shots from all the fun!
And then of course, following with tradition now, our random goings and comings:
A little plug for Zoomania, my mom and her friend's company...they usually do school assemblies, but this summer they have been participating in the summer reading program at the libraries...this was just one of the shows... and of course, my kiddos get special one on one attn from the animals after the shows! Yay!
Yes, that is a real snake...can't you tell by her face!?! Ha!
A chinchila...not sure how to spell that one, this is a baby...sooooo soft.
"Pretty bird, pretty bird." (Name that movie!)
So once the poor little guy gave up trying to stop Kaylie from picking him he goes up to her and grabs on, arms and legs, and forces her to hold him! I think it's hysterical and precious all at the same time! But he should really be careful, a couple of times he has caught her off guard, and he only weighs about 7 lbs less than her, so he has ended up on the floor...
We were filling up the bath, the doorbell rang, we all went in to see our friends, except Josh. This is where we found him...funny and scary...luckily he got in ok, and not head first!
Joshy's mega ouchie... Fell off the playground at the park...still not sure how... He has never cried so hard. I'm so glad it didn't need stitches, but it was pretty brutal, and he couldn't eat that day, or brush his teeth for a few days (which you know drove me crazy!)
And of course, I'm fascinated by how it looked inside! My poor baby! Don't worry, he is now fully recovered!
P.S. This blog took me 2 days to post!