Sunday, April 25, 2010

My, my, my, how time does fly!

So, my sis-in-law watched my kiddos yesterday, and while I was there dropping them off, we got to talking about journaling and keeping our own family history. She showed me what she had done thus far, and WOW!, she is amazing. I was feeling pretty bad about it, I have a lot of work to do, etc, but then I realized, blog is my journal, and these marathon posts and hours of effort will hopefully one day be recognized and appreciated by my kids... I am totally going to print all these posts day... I tried the blog book thing, but it formats them all funny and that can make them not make sense at times, anyone have any other ideas???
Onto the fun:
Here's a fun pic from the other day, Kaylie and Jaxon playing before swim lessons...And how rad is it that Josh's shirt matches the slide??? Yeah, I HAD to take a pic, couldn't pass that one up! Oh my, I adore that kid's face!
This is what Josh and the other 2 year olds do during their siblings' swim lessons. Not too bad of entertainment, for them, and me... I think it's adorable!
Yay yay yay! Kaylie is so hydrophobic in a pool...or I should say used to be...she is doing sooo much better now, thanks to her SUPER cute teachers at South Davis Rec!
Half Marathon:
I did it, again! Yay for finishing another race. This is Amanda and I after the beloved race. Oh, so glad it's over. I think I'm done with half marathons for a while... I trained sooo much more and harder this year, and only beat my time by about 2 I was bummed and frustrated, but it still felt good to finish that puppy! And I did hit my goal of beating my time, and not walking at all. I just don't love not being able to walk very well for a day or so, and I'm not a great mom or wife the whole smaller races and triathlons for me I think! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
New Sandbox! Wahoo! This has already provided many hours of happy play, and lots more gallons of bathwater!
James' buddy from Boston went to a game a few weeks ago, and insisted that Josh had an "official" yawkey way Sox hat, now we all have 1! (Well, James has about 50, but the rest of us all have official one's now too! Yay!) Here are funny pics of trying to get Josh to wear the hat, (he doesn't like hats, as you will be able to see by his hands trying to take it off in every pic!)And then, of course, Kaylie wanted in on the fun too! She loves to pose for pics... :)
Speaking of Kaylie posing for pics, can you see a difference in the next 3? Ha! Kaylie got her haircut, by me! Aah, I've cut it before, but never this short!!!
And I know it looks soooo uneven in those pics, but I swear even though it is not perfect, it looks worse in the pics b/c she always tilts her head for pictures...not sure where she got that, but it stuck, and she insists on doing it, ALWAYS, but it's cute, right...even though it looks skewampus??? I am loving it, and so is she! Yay for changin it up, right!
Oh the JOY of remodeling. Here we go again, with all the fun of tearing out, building back, plumbing, flooring, walls, accessories.... whew, I'm already overwhelmed, and we've just started finishing our basement bathroom...doesn't it look charming?!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 weeks ago now...
Easter morning, the Easter Bunny hid tons of eggs all over our living room, and filled the kiddos baskets with toys and just a little candy! He was sooo tricky, hiding them in the mail slot, and on the broken shutter...good ol' Bunny!
Josh turned into a candy fanatic! He kept grunting until we gave him each little candy...somehow they all seemed to disappear the next day? Maybe the Easter fairy accidentally put them in the trash???Dying eggs, wow, sooo fun, and sooo messy... Kaylie loved it so much, that we bought more eggs and another kit the next day and dyed even more eggs, this time with glitter (not recommended, we are still cleaning it up in the strangest places, I swear there is still one lone piece of glitter on Josh's head!).
I finally realized that having Josh wear one of my favorite shirts was not sure a great idea. And then I decided I liked all of his clothes, so no shirt and pants was the best solution! (Don't mind his nakedness :) )Kaylie's preschool program. So cute. Enough said.
Making rain...
Kaylie and Emily, cousins, and best friends!
Similar personalities...he he he!
My new tradition, funny random shots time:
Kaylie just inherited (we LOVE hand-me-downs at our house!!!) these ROCKIN pink boots!!!
We also inherited another kid car, ya know, the famous red and yellow ones, yeah, we have 2...and yet somehow they still fight over them...go figure. **also notice the balls in the cute and typical of Josh, taking balls wherever he goes!
Pussywillows from OUR tree! Yeah, I got some this year before they started pollenating, and I love them...I just wish I would have gotten more, a little sooner. This fall, baby!
Ah, sweet learning moments. This is one I'm a firm believer in, teaching my little gal to make bread. I never learned as a kid, and really not even until I moved into this house, and now I bake like crazy with my rockin kitchen... I LOVE making bread from scratch. Who knew?! P.S. Please note, even though you can't see them very much, Kaylie and I have matching pink and green aprons. Made by Amanda, thanks again, cute sewing mama extraordinare!
When all else fails, break out the black olives for this kid...or anyone in my family for that matter! I really was trying to get a good pic of his spiky hair, you can kinda tell...
Okay, so this really should have had it's own post assigned to it. Josh has such a funny, hyper, fun personality all of the sudden. He's always been fun, but now is just making us laugh constantly! This is him asleep with his FOUR blankies. It has been his thing lately. So much so that James asked me if I had written this down somewhere...well here it is. It is hilarious, he wants to cuddle with as many blankets as possible, and gets mad if there is one in sight that is not in his arms. And he has to make sure they are all there before he will settle down to sleep. While rocking, he will stop and sit up to check on them all before laying his head back down. Oh my, I have to try so hard not to laugh (ya know, cause going to sleep is serious!) So, the main 4 are shown, but it's been up to 6 and 7 at times. So, put the blankets out of his sight you say, well, he finds them, tried that. And it's too fun, and no harm done, right?! Oh, this kid!