Monday, January 21, 2008

Guess what!!!!

Okay, so I am apparently the most impatient person you will ever meet! My ultrasound appt was originally scheduled for this Friday, but it felt forever away, and I couldn't wait anymore!
Okay, so at first, I think the baby was teasing me, (it knew how excited I was!), because it was curled completely up in a ball, the tech had me lay on my side to try to get it to open up...

We finally started to see the feet and arms uncurl...
waving and saying hello!

And then, HE was completely compliant!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, we are having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, and he just opened right up there for us, isn't that hilarious! The tech said we could sleep easy on this one, it's a for sure kinda deal! Wahoo! Looks like majority rules! Good job everyone that voted for a boy! I have to say, we would've been happy girl or boy, but deep down inside, we really wanted a boy, and we are so stoked!!!!!!! The checkbook isn't so stoked though, now I have an excuse to buy all new things!!! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SiLLy kAyLie

So, Kaylie is just turning into such a little girl so fast! She has the funnest personality, kid you not! She pretends to be all shy in front of everyone, and then busts out her hilarious side at home! Here's a few of the random things she's done lately to keep us on our toes and laughing all the time...
Yeah, doesn't everyone play with oversized serving spoons in the tub?
(And try to pry off the drain with it...)

Her entertainment table, not just for playing anymore, now doubles as a seat and high chair!

She's gonna be a great big sister! She loves to shove any kind of food into any baby's mouth!

Testing the quality of the snow...

And last but not least, her most nutritious snack option...homemade playdough...slightly salty, but apparently yummy for her tummy!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Anniversary to US!

Sorry, we have lots to catch ya'll up on... We (I) have been a slacker with keeping pics posted...
We have had lots of great fun lately, we went to a live nativity, got a visit from Santa (James' grandma lives on Christmas street, and Santa makes a special stop there the Saturday before Christmas, and all the grandkids get stockings as he calls out their names), Kaylie doesn't love Santa... he's a stranger. :)

We went back and forth between families for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Celebrated our 4th anniversary at Little America (thanks to Gma Kercher for watching Kaylie overnight!), then we spent New Years Eve with friends and New Years Day once again with both families... Lots o' fun, and lots o' packing stuff up! We had a blast, and as we took all our decorations down, we felt an empty feeling...
Here's some pics from all the fun:

If you look closely, you can see a real Mary, Joseph, and even a real baby Jesus!

Santa brings hot chocolate and donuts for all the "big" kids...

Doesn't that just break your heart! (Mean mom!)

We were up til 1am putting the dang thing together!

But it was all worth it to see how much she LOVED her kitchen the next day (or technically later that morning...he he he)!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone remember her ultrasound??? Our peace baby!!!

Okay, so there's a timer on the stove, and she loves to shake her arms while it counts down!

Her other favorite toy, it was so funny watching her go back and forth, she was completely torn as to which to play with!
I got a new coat...much needed. And James got a new U hat, and Red Sox shirt (without a name on the back, just in case that person ever traded to the yankees...) (he burned his Damon shirt...)

We got the "Romance Package" at Little America. We had such a blast!!! We went to dinner at Biaggi's (highly recommended!!!), to a movie, and then hung out and got room service! The package at the hotel was awesome, it included yummy sparkling cider, chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, a gorgeous long stem rose, and a key with our anniversary engraved on it! It was by far our favorite anniversary yet!!! Here's to another 4 plus!!!