Thursday, April 10, 2008

Room to Roam

So we are actually, finally, as of 1 week ago today, living in our house...that we have actually been paying for since February...(yeah, not recommended, rent + a mortgage). I have to echo what my sis-in-law said that "production on the house severely slows down once you move in.) No kiddin! I look around everyday and find more "little" projects that seem like they will never be done! But all part of the fun, right!

No, for real though, it is so cool to be in a house! Kaylie is going bazurk (sp?) She just runs around, in an obstacle course like fashion (around all the many boxes) and has a blast. She likes to look around like me and says, "mess, everywhere." Yeah, I taught her that one! I keep asking her each day, "is it getting better?" and she blankly looks at me, cause let's be honest, I don't think it is yet! She's a smart one, she knows, if you can' t say something nice, don't say anything at all. So her silence makes me laugh! :)

James has been working hard, trying to get everything installed and up and running, installing curtain rods, curtains, blinds, hooking up tv's, the computer, all the furniture, etc... I'm really no help in my current condition... (don't tell my mom I had to help him lift the old washer and dryer up the stairs...) So I can finally update the blog... with my new today internet connection! P.S. Who knew it cost money to have utilities, and cable, a phone, and internet...We were so spoiled in the village, and in CT, we have always had all inclusive rent! Welcome to the real world Tiff! :)