Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

James relaxing, before the meal...

Kaylie chillin with her cousins

All the ladies, yeah, good lookin family, eh!

Playin the wii!!!

So, we again cannot just celebrate holidays once, that would be weird, right! We love the double Thanksgiving idea though, we didn't mind packing Kaylie up and keeping her out super late, definitely past her bedtime... And she didn't mind either, she had a blast playing with all her cousins. James' aunt and uncle host pre-Thanksgiving dinner every year for all the extended family, this year we had about 65 people there, or some number close to that. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, my family got us for Thanksgiving this year, and we had a whopping 9 adults and 4 kids... yeah, quite the contrast! But they were both delicious dinners, and a way good time after! This was our first time playing the wii, I know, we're way behind the times, but we loved it, and I beat James at bowling!!! Yeehaw! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too, now onto Christmas party planning... :)

Friday, November 16, 2007


Check out Kaylie's new shades!

Grandma Kercher rockin out!

Hangin with CUTE uncle Tom!

"Stirring the brew, stirring the brew, oooo, ooooo, boo!"
Grandma Evans is a spooky witch, with a cool brew, and scary stories for all the kids!

So, we celebrated Halloween like 10 times this year, okay, really 4 though! We had a blast as the "tooth themed family." I know, cheesy, but I had to do it once in my life! So yeah, James was a (gay) hygienist, I was the tooth fairy, and look at the little tooth I got! We had so much fun going everywhere dressed up (don't worry it was three different days, hence my two different colored shirts...), to our ward party, Evans family party--where you can see Kaylie 'stirring the brew', a trunk or treat, and the Kercher family party! You betcha, we just can't get enough partying, especially Kaylie, she's a party animal!

Barn Dance! Yeehaw!

We were so lucky, we got invited to this exclusive "Hoe down." We got to go with mom and dad Evans. Get this, so 4 ladies that play tennis together organize this dance yearly, and they each invite 15 couples and their kids. Then they just hire a caller, rent the barn (in Oakley), and have everyone bring a salad! Easy as pie to organize, who's up for planning one with me?!! It was seriously such a blast, we danced our little hearts out, and only went home so we could relieve our babysitter... (we could've stayed all night!)