Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy Cow!

Oh my gosh, can I just say that I love my kids soooo much. You know the saying, you don't know what you have til it's gone...well, that is not the case with me, I know I am soooo lucky to have such sweet, fun, perfect kids, and I swear I don't take them for granted.
Today, I lost my little Joshy at the childrens' museum...we were sitting on the stairs out front eating lunch, and then all the sudden I looked down and there was his juicebox, but no Josh. So, I figured he followed Kaylie and Peyton downstairs, I run down to find no Josh...
Then the panic set in, downstairs is the elevators, the doors outside, and the doors to the parking lot...and I see no Joshy. Where in the world is he? All the worst scenarios started running through my mind, and I am running around like a maniac, I run back upstairs and alert one of the workers, they get on their intercoms and get EVERYONE looking for my little one is finding him, he's nowhere to be found. I'm bawling at this point, and feeling like I'm going to throw up. The workers are great, they keep telling me that we're going to find him, they've never lost a kid, ever. But I don't want mine to be the first. I'm so scared, and they keep telling me to go to the info desk and wait while they look. They now have mall security involved. I cannot believe the feeling at this point, panic, fear, disbelief, shock, and all I could think to do was pray, so I'm praying over and over, please help us find him...
When I get to the info desk, after about 2 mins, they say into their intercom, "okay, you're bringing him up."
Yep, they found him. Actually, Liz found him for them, he had crawled back up the stairs, and was playing in the ball area...his favorite place. And then of course, I'm thinking, "why didn't I look there first???" I don't care though, he's found, and then I just bawl harder and kiss him over and over and over, my little baby, my sweet little baby is okay. Thank you Heavenly Father for keeping him safe!!!!!
SO, do I appreciate him more now...sure, a little, but I always have. I am just unbelievably thankful to have found him, and you better believe I am not taking my eyes off him for a second! Man, life can be so crazy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

St. Patricks Day and more fun!

Hope everyone had as great of a St. Patty's day as we did: Yup, that is a picture of GREEN pancakes!
So, here at our house, we kinda like holidays, especially the GREEN ones! We have so much fun on St. Patricks Day every year! Although last year, Kaylie got a little upset at the "sneaky little leprechaun" for turning too many things GREEN, so this year, she had me call him and tell him not to come, and we turned everything GREEN ourselves! And by dinner time, Kaylie decided I could call the leprechaun back and tell him he could come again, so he helped out turning the milk and ice cream GREEN...but we did the rest! Ha! So fun!!!After we painted our toes, (and Kaylie's fingers, we headed to the park for a playdate...can you believe this pic is even on a GREEN slide!!!
For dinner, of course the GREEN pizza dough, and a few green toppings, with green milk to drink:
Dessert was so delish! GREEN cookies n' cream ice cream...p.s. We LOVE our ice cream maker!
Yay for St. Patty's Day! And don't worry, today we actually had RED pancakes, so the fun has continued at our house, even though there's no RED holiday today, at least that I know of...
And oh my heck...who is not LOVING the weather as much as we's like the weather hits 50 and the world comes out of hiding...I love seeing everyone out for walks, and flying kites, and just enjoying the sunshine like we do! I am also just soooo excited at how much fun this summer is going to be with my kiddos getting bigger and able to do more things at the park...they are so proud of themselves, and it is so fun to watch them play...and to relax a little more now that they can do things they couldn't do last are a couple of examples:

Kaylie is stoked that she can slide down the fireman honestly, I think she could do this before actually, but the other day, she thought it was a big accomplishment, so sure, we'll go with it: Yay Kaylie!
This is new...Josh can climb up and go down slides by himself...Rock on little man!
This is just precious...Kaylie catching Josh...this was actually the first time he had gone down this big of a slide by himself, and he felt safe enough with his big sis there at the bottom to go for it! She really is an AWESOME big sister!!!
And just a couple of fun pics... I just LOVE taking pictures, if you can't tell...This pic is of us trying out the new jogger the other night! Wahoo!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! It is so smooth, and the seperate canopies are a must, and Kaylie actually stays in this one, (probably not for long...she can totally escape the other one, buckles, velcro, and all...), and the adjustable handle was perfect for James and I as we traded off pushing the kiddos...
I am also loving my new vacuum...I wish I had taken a picture of the stuff it sucked up out of our carpet...actually maybe that was on purpose cause it's a little embarrassing! I know, I know, we've gone a little crazy with our tax return moola, but hey...when else am I gonna get the gear I need??? So yeah, lovin the new stuff, and the warm weather...keep it comin!
Random fun...cause there always is. This is Josh's new fave thing to do...after a bath he absolutely loves to hide under his towel...the fun lasts for at least 10 mins...he is so stinkin cute when you pull up the towel, I can't help but bust up laughing!And this is Kaylie for ya...don't worry that it was totally "daddy's idea!" Yes, those are her wet handprints on my bum...too funny huh!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Question for ya:

My own little debate. So, obviously I am not a gifted enough runner to have people sponsor me or anything like unto it...but I am at the point where I decided I am sick of paying to run. Seriously, so many races in so many years, and so much moola, gone. Yes, I am glad I ran, love my drawer-full of race t-shirts that are always just a little too big, love my little medal from last year's half marathon, etc...but...I just can't justify it anymore. Sure, I understand paying for the tables, water, closing areas down, prize money, etc...but do races REALLY need to cost soooo much, for instance, what got me on my soap box to begin with, the Half Marathon...$70 smackaroos, yes that is the latest registration price, but even $60, the early reg. fee...c'mon, $60 to run on streets I run on already...
So anyway, I'm putting it to a I just cheap? Should I be honored to participate? Or should I just run 13.1 miles on my own and go shopping with the $70 instead??? Your thoughts would be appreciated... :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


SURPRISE big man! James turned 29 this year, and I knew he would expect a party next year for his 30th, so I did it this year just to throw him off...and it totally worked!!! Here he is coming in the door to everyone yelling "SURPRISE!" And believe it or not, I've actually never been to a surprise party, that I can remember, so this was a blast!!!If you know James at all, you can see the pure shock and happiness on his face in these 2 pics (above and below). He has such a cute smile, and it's even better when he's extremely happy!!!The banners and balloons:Daddy and Kaylie, she was soooo cute singing happy birthday to him!
The birthday boy and his mommy:
Yes...8 2 liters, and we only finished 1 off...our tap water must have been awesome!On his actual birthday, breakfast for a King, on the "You are special" plate, of course!
Birthday dinner at Benihana's:Our cool chef...they are always AMAZING, there he's made a rooster out of eggs for the fried rice:They made James play the tambourine while they sang "Happy Birthday" to him! He's a good sport!
We also celebrated another birthday boy this weekend... This would have been my daddy's 63rd birthday, the day after James' birthday. This pic is from his last birthday, and it is one of my all time favorite pics of him! We love you so much dad, and think about you all of the time! We wish you were here to party with us!!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
What else we've been up to lately:

It wouldn't be a normal post on our blog if it didn't include pics from playdates:
Gateway with Jacksons, Evans, and 2 of the Walker kiddaroos:
These guys were like triplets with all their red outfits, and obsession with the balls!
Kaylie and Sarah, so artistic making their very own Gold Medals!!!
Twinners, seriously, their faces don't look alike, but somehow you can just tell these guys are cousins!
All of the boys running back and forth while we ate lunch on the stairs. Seriously, Gateway, get a decent eating area indoors, PLEASE!
Although this was pretty cute to watch, and I was pretty proud of Josh, being like the big boys!
Dan's birthday party:
The three amigos:
Jess made cupcakes and let the kids frost and decorate them...such a cute idea! Kaylie made her cupcake just for ME! Sweet little girl, I mean big girl...she will not be called little anymore!!!
James rockin the drums at the EQ was the presidency + wives only! (and one other guy...) So, not the most attended party ever, but we had a blast playing Rock Band all night and eating all the pizza!Kaylie and her buddy Porter, playin MarioKart, I think...
Bubbles in the kitchen:
James and I have been pretty busy lately, him with school, work, and both of us with the kiddos and training! We are both training for the Wasatch Back in June, and the Red Rock in September, and I am gonna go for the half marathon again in April, Race for the cure in May, and another triathlon in July...Yay! I love having races to train for, it's the only thing that gets me to push myself and eat better! James is officially now a runner, which I don't think he ever wanted to be...I have been amazed at his dedication, seriously, he's as good as me now, and I've been running for years! It's so fun to have another hobby we like to do together...and it's always been a secret little dream of it's awesome! Wish us luck on all the races though...they're not all just fun and games! :)