Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trying to catch up...

I've been trying to blog for weeks, no months, at this point. It just takes too long to load all the pics. I've complained of this problem before, but summer has been extra busy, as you will see, and every weekend we have been soooo busy, doing fun things mind you, but just soooo busy...and taking LOTS of pictures along the way, and it's always so hard for me to is a blessing and a's some of our recent (kind of) adventures!

The three musketeers. Others come and go for our playdates, but these three are the foundation...they're always there and ready to party! (Ring pops for Jackson's birthday)Coolin off with some free Baskin Robbins!
In our rockin backyard pool:
At at great age where the day you meet someone, you are instantly best friends...Addison was in town from Cedar City, and the two were joined at the hip instantaneously...Bumper cars at Jungle Jims-we went there because Kaylie filled up her potty chart-WAHOO!!!
The new carousel at the zoo:
Josh. Hangin with the big kids!
GATEWAY IS THE BEST WAY TO SPEND THE DAY!The "Firefighter" filling up the car for the "Mail Carrier!" :)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Watching the parade with cousins:
The fun carnival after the parade, free tattoos!Oh. my festive little man. Could you be any cuter??? (Notice his firecracker tattoo!!!)
Kaylie was a great little pyro, just like her daddy!
LAGOON. Just me and my girl. We had an absolute blast. And I decided that our new tradition is to get a candied apple right before we go home. It's a great way to end a day!

JOSH'S BDAY FUN:We actually spent his birthday at girls camp...thanks for being a good sport Josh man! (That's actually part of the reason he got to come...I couldn't bear to leave him on his birthday!)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dora Birthday cake, of course!We went to KZ, Her choice of course, and then had ice cream after...she crashed on the way home, it was such a fun day! We love our little 3 yr. old!Her fun presents, actually, she hasn't even opened this one yet, she can't decide if she wants it, or the pink and purple it is still in the package...
BIRTHDAY POOL PARTY...A little crazy, but fun!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CABIN DAYS (more to come too, we've gone every month this summer, here are some clips from the first couple times...yeah, in June...I wasn't kiddin when I said I was behind...)
BBQ with the Bybees and friends...and the triplets! HA!
Miss you dad.At Grandpa Evans grave. Grandma Evans has now joined him, but her name wasn't on the gravestone yet...oh, and that's not the right grave behind us...