Sunday, October 11, 2009

September in a nutshell...I mean in collages...

So...why is Joshy in a cute little hospital outfit? I think some people already know, our little Joshy got tubes in his ears the beginning of Sept. Since then, he has slept through the night, and doesn't stop playing to pull on his ears...(except recently again, since he's getting his molars! OUCH!)
He actually did so great with all of the surgery stuff. He was a little disoriented when he woke up, but once we left the recovery room, he was a champ, doing JUST fine! I have to echo others that I've heard have had this same surgery done, "I wish we had done it sooner!"

Family Night Fun. We LOVE the mountains, and Millcreek is our canyon of's where we went on our first date, where we got engaged, and where we got our engagement pictures too...So, we had so much fun going up the canyon and making smores with the YW/YM the week before, we decided to do it for Family Night before it started getting too cold. And actually, speaking of engagement pics, I wish I could post the one that looks just like those 2 of James and Kaylie in the water...we have one just like it, from 6 years ago...he he he!

Well, well, well. Keithy, you sure made my night! Keith Urban. One great country ROCKER! I dragged James to his concert in CT, and he actually had a good time, because Keith knows how to get down and rock it...seriously, awesome with that guitar, even the light up one!
Here's the best part of the story:
James got me the tickets for my birthday, which was in August, but really he bought the tickets in March, and I talked him into getting the cheap seats, ya know, save some moola. But when we got there and realized our seats were 4 rows from the very top of ESA, he was feelin pretty bad, and I was actually pretty bummed... So we went down a few rows, and we were the only ones on the row, waiting til someone claimed their seats... A guy walks up the stairs, and keeps looking at us, so I say "oh, sorry, are these your seats?" He laughs, and says "No, but are you Keith Urban fans?" I was like um, yeah, why else would we be here, but anyway, he asked if we would like better seats...NO KIDDIN, he hands us tickets for the 5TH ROW!!!! I was beside myself. Not even just 5th row back in the middle, ya know, straight on with the stage...but the side 5th row...soooooo close to the stage, I couldn't stand it! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! (And, some may say it was a coincidence, but honestly, I had been praying that somehow we would get better seats, there was a contest by text, and I kept entering it, and praying in my little heart) really is so cool to see how Heavenly Father uses other people to answer your prayers... Whether you believe it or not, I think it was an answered prayer, and I am so grateful, because it made our night so much more memorable!!!! James and I love date nights so much...there's nothing like getting away for a while and feeling all young and crazy again! Sum up: I love Keith, and I love James for taking me to see him... :)

St. George. So fun. That's right, no James in those pics, actually no dad's at all. Liz and I packed up us and our 4 combined children and headed down to visit Jess and Pete for a couple days while they were down there. It was actually sooo fun, I love never ending playdates, can't beat it, when you get to play all day, and wake up and play the whole next day with friends. I think the mom's had just as much fun as the kids...some of those pics are cut off, but if you can kinda see the dirt they were playing in, you'll understand why we took pics of them in the tub after...the whole tub was dirt colored, so to really clean the kids, we had to wash them individually in the sinks! Ha!
Kaylie's first day of Preschool...doesn't she look so grownup with her backpack!!!!
She is LOVING it, and it's actually been super fun for me too, I've been getting way more cleaning done, and I'll be honest, a few more naps too... he he he!Dance. Dance. Dance. Need I say more? Like mother like daughter, she can't get enough of it. She LOVED being like a butterfly with her cloth wings. She always wants to goto dance, but it's only once a week. Not enough for Kaylie.
And just a random fun pic of James and I at the temple. Trying to go more lately...
Love the temple. Loved Conference last weekend.
Loved September. Can't believe how stinkin fast it flew by...can't believe I didn't blog like at all...