Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fun with Friends!

So, these actually should have been posted before the Anniversary post...but oh well! These are some classic shots of Kaylie with her pals. She LOVES her friends! Top pics are Kaylie, John, and Andrew. They are the 3 amigos. We have had tons of playgroups with these fellas, and these are her main men! They know each other so well, and like to fight at times, but LOVE to play together... We are so sad, we probably won't see Andrew for a while, because he is the little guy who Eliza (one of my best friends), used to nanny, but doesn't anymore. So, these are the pics from their last playdate. :(

Next up, someone else we won't see for a long while again, Gracie! She and Kaylie are just a couple months apart, and used to be neighbors, until Grace and her family moved to North Carolina...yup...sad day! So they were in town, and came to visit over the holidays. Grace and Kaylie are now to be known as the Squeeling Queens, they haven't seen each other for a long time, but played and laughed, and yeah, squeeled, like they were old buddies, which they are!

The last pics were from one of the funnest sledding adventures ever! We hooked up with our friends Kolbie and Elliot, and Kaylie's first kiss/boyfriend, Priest! Yeah, they met when Priest was 1 and Kaylie was like 4 weeks old, and you betcha, he laid one on her! They've been smitten ever since! Ha! No, really, it's nice to have other friends to hang out with that have kids, and Priest is nice to always share his cool stuff with Kaylie! We hooked the sleds to the back of our car, and drove around their complex. There are no pics of me on the sled because I am always taking the pictures... but Kolbie (who, mind you, is 36 weeks prego at this point), and I had a BLAST! I think we were on the sleds more than the dads and the kids...we loved it! And I swear we almost sent Kolbie into labor from laughing so hard! I highly recommend this activity...we all had fun!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary Jamesy!

Well, here it is...5 of my favorite pics, from the last 5 years...Yup...the big 5! I can't even believe it! Time really does fly when you're havin fun, and it's been a blast babe! I can honestly say that James is my very best friend, he knows me better than I know myself (it's almost embarrassing sometimes...). He knows how to make me laugh, even when I don't want to, and I will forever keep trying to make him bust up...cause it's hard, but oh, so fulfilling when he starts cracking up. He's a great dad, and I am so happy I have 2 ADORABLE kids, that look just like him! He's such a hottie, and I feel so lucky to have snagged him...he he he!
Happy Anniversary my Ness, here's to 5 years, and a million, trillion, more! :)