Saturday, December 11, 2010


This fall Kaylie has been taking ballet and tap. She loves them both and now her and Josh go around the house doing the "boogie woogie" move! Every time we go to leave, and have a hard time getting her out of the house, I say "should we just stop doing dance, and not worry about it?" That's all it takes to get her out the door...she just forgets how much she loves it til she almost loses it...funny how that is so universal!


{owens} said...

HOLY SMOKES, i suck so bad. first of all, i lost your # cause my purse got stolen a while back and then when i got your text, the number got erased before i could text you back! we would LOVE to go out for sure. this week has filled up fast, but we could do after the holidays. i'll be HUGE, but can always go grab some yummy food.. congrats on baby #3. so exciting. text me again, so i can get your number!

Priti Ray said...

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