Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Halloween a wee bit late.

Oh, Halloween, the non-stop holiday. This year Kaylie was Ariel, and she even got tired of putting on her costume by actual Halloween. (I never thought I would see the day, seeing as she at first loved the thing so much she wanted to sleep in it...) Josh was so sick of his costume, he actually switched for the ward party to a half pumpkin, half tiger for a while. Poor kids, tormenting them with so much fun!

Maybe it's our fault for starting so early, here's carving pumpkins, the first week of October. (**this also shows how far behind in blogging I am...)Yes, that is my 2 year old with a knife! Ha! Don't report me!!!
And since we carved our pumpkins so early, we had to buy more (after the other ones rotted on the front porch...yuck!), and this time we painted them, I was not about to go through all the pumpkin guts again!
Evans family party:
"Stirring the brew!!!"
My sweet little tiger. His costume never stayed on for long, I was lucky to get a good pic of him!
Kercher family party:
Ward Trunk-or-Treat:
No hands donut on a string game. James totally won, even though he had to eat his donut off the floor to do so! The rest of us took our sweet time, and I thoroughly enjoyed my donut!
Preschool party:
Trick-or-treating with the Steadmans:

Yeah, we went out at the windiest part of the night, it was kinda raining, and sooo cold! Don't worry, the mom's held the umbrellas, the kids could not have cared less!
This kid was in heaven. Once he figured out how the whole thing worked, he was stoked to knock on all the doors he could!
Kaylie and Priest-O. Buddies from birth, (well, from Kaylie's birth, Priest is a year older....)
And I swear she has a costume on, under that rain coat!
The Steadmans. Every Will Ferrel movie we see, we think of Elliot. Does he not look an insane amount similar to Will? We saw him a few days before Halloween, and we saw his awesome 'stach, and said "Hey man, you look like Ron from Anchorman!" Lo and behold, this was what he was going to be for Halloween. We think he should just pick a different Will character to be every year, he is perfect for it!


Trieste said...

Don't feel too bad about being behind. I still need to post about the girls' first days of school and Las you're doing much better than me. Where are you finding the time right now????

Trieste said...

And...I love the gingerbread cookies up above.